Friday, November 16, 2012

Cheese and Bacon Scones 芝士培根烤饼

Are you new in baking yet wish to bake your own bread with zero failure? Not much time to spare in the morning yet longing for a good English breakfast?  Then this recipe is the best bet for you. J

This recipe is very simple.  Just mix dry and wet ingredients, no yeast, no long proofing time and with some light kneading before throwing the dough mixture into oven. Voila!  You get to enjoy a good English quick bread- Scones breakfast in no time. The recipe shared below is for savory scones. If you like sweet flavor scones, replace the cheese and bacon with chopped dates or fruits of your preference.
I learnt this recipe from the North Shore Women Centre cooking class when I resided in Auckland. The Centre organizes a free Healthy Budget Eating Cooking class once a month, even until now I still received email notifications from them on the invitation to participate in this free cooking class. I missed those days; it was such a great experience for me where I got the chance in meeting up a group of charming Kiwi ladies and learning along with them on Kiwi food and culture.

You can check out more recipes I learnt from this centre here.
The scones I made back in Auckland



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