Welcome, 欢迎光临,Selamat Datang,Haere mai !

In 2009, we decided to take 2 years career break to enjoy laidback life in down under land New Zealand. While trying to fit in to D.I.Y life style of NZ, as the saying  "When in Rome, do as the Roman do" , I started to occupy the kitchen messing up the stove and oven to come out with homemade cooking.
With strong eco-friendly influences from local Kiwi and seeing almost every household gardens and produces some fresh food for itself,  I too started to dirt out my hands growing herbs and vegetables, following the latest life style of serving meals straight from garden to table. :-)

Seeing my FB collecting more and more of my homemade cooking food photo and friends kept asking me on these recipes prompted me to create my own blog to compile all these food photo and sharing these delicious recipes. This blog will not only talks about food that I had tried on,  I will also share my experience in gardening and showing off some of the handicrafts which came from my bare hands.

I'm hoping to update the blog on daily basis or at least once a week, or am I too ambitious will see of that.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome and will assist me in continuously improving the site.

Thank you, 谢谢,terima kasih, Kia ora!


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