Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yogurt Bread 优格菠萝土司

Hong Kong Pineapple buns into Pineapple loaf bread
It’s has been a while since I last made bread of new recipe. I went through the fridge and noticed I still had some left over homemade yogurt made last week.  With that, it crossed my mind that I could try out making Yogurt Bread.  The following recipe was adopted from the Taiwan famous bakery Master Meng 100 bread recipes (孟老师的100道面包) which had yogurt as one of the main ingredients. As for the yogurt recipe, just click on the word and it will direct you to my old post on how to make homemade yogurt.

The direct translation of the Chinese name  优格菠萝土司 of this bread is Yogurt Pineapple loaf bread, originated from Hong Kong signature Pineapple buns (菠萝包) with a layer of sweet butter dough on top as bread topping. However there is no pineapple in the ingredients. Pineapple was used in the name because the layer of sweet butter dough cooked to golden brown resembled the pineapple skin.

The top crispy golden brown butter layer made the cutting of the bread a bit difficult but the sweetness of the buttery top balances the mild sour yogurt flavor of the bread.
Yogurt Pineapple Bread 优格菠萝土司
 Emm… my words to describe were “Sweet on top and soft fluffy inside.”
Sharing below is a visual tutorial on the Yogurt bread making, happy watching.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pulau Aman Mee Udang (Prawn Noodles)

Care to have a bowl of Prawn Noodles?
Following up from our recent trip to Batu Kawan,Seberang Perai to Auntie Chun Li’s house, we found out her house was only 2km away from Jetty Batu Musang, the gateway to Pulau Aman

We decided to take a ferry excursion trip to take a look at this small island. The island was merely a 10 minutes boat ride from Batu Musang Jetty, at RM6.00 per adult and RM4.00 per child for a two-way fare.

Nothing much of sight seeing to expect from this small Malay fishing village island. We expected to finish venturing the island within 2 hours. The absence of good beaches on this island was made up by the fresh seafood available.

pulau aman2
At the beach the main activities we saw along the beach were clams digging and fishing.

This island was well known for its giant mantis prawn and the island was famous for its “Mee Udang” (prawn noodles).

There were a few Mee Udang restaurants on the island, the famous one was Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman. which was the one we patronized that day.


A plate of normal Mee Udang priced at RM6 and special with extra prawns priced at RM10.

While we had spicy mee udang, we ordered Prawn fried rice for Ming Ray.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Homemade Teo Chew Cai Kuih /Teo Chew Dumpling

This seem to be my last post for year 2012, with just second away to 2013. I would like to wish all of you :

 Happy New Year !
Welcome 2013

Penang Teo Chew Vegetarian Cai Kuih


On the 15th December, we made a road trip to our hometown in Penang and later on our return journey extended our trip to Batu Kawan, a small town located along the route not far from Penang, to visit Auntie Lan’s sister. Auntie Lan’s brother-in-law recommended a local skilful Thai massage lady in Batu Kawan for therapeutic Thai massage to treat hubby’s chronic back pain and my repeated knee ache lately.

The massage was not the typical Thai massage for relaxation but rather like pressure point massage which hurt quite a bit. My body was said to have too much “wind” and the advice given was to reduce the consumption of ice and cold drinks.  Thankfully, other than the agonizing pain suffered on our bodies,  our tongue and stomach however got to savour one of the best homemade food.

Auntie Lan’s sister, Auntie Chun Li is another great cook. She is especially good at cooking vegetarian food. One of her specialties is the Teo Chew Cai Kuih  (Teo Chew dumpling). I told her that I wish to video tape her vegetarian Cai Kuih making and upload to Youtube. Both husband and wife were so happy to share the recipe and looked forward to be featured in Youtube.

There are 2 types of Teo Chew Cai kuih, traditional Cai Kuih which is using rice flour with thicker skin texture and chewy in taste. Another type which Auntie Chun Li shared here is using wheat starch. The pastry skin is translucent and thinner than the rice flour version. As this is Vegetarian Cai Kuih, Auntie Chun Li replaced Chinese Chives (韭菜) filling with Amaranth (苋菜) and using vegetarian meat in replacing dried shrimp and pork mince.

Sharing below the step by step video which I had uploaded in Youtube:

For recipe kindly click below link.


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