Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sewing DIY

Introducing my new Page - Sewing DIY
This is a long overdue page that I supposed to put up long long time ago. Yes, if you refer to the top tab you will notice, there is a new tab menu name DIY.

If you click on it, it will bring you to the page showing off  some of the sewing projects that I had worked on.

Box Bags
Ray and his racing car design bag set

Monday, March 11, 2013

Turmeric Fried Fish 黄姜煎鱼

Crispy Nyonya fried fish
This is one of the common deep-fried fish dishes that you can easily find in economic rice (mixed rice) stalls or small eatery shops in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. With its crispy and crunchy texture, it is one of the kids’ favourite pick too!
As you can tell from its name, the main spice used in this recipe is turmeric powder which is also one of the most important spices used in curry. This spice is easily available in any Asian grocery shops. Back in Auckland, I could conveniently find it in big chain supermarkets like Pak'nSave, New World, and Countdown at their spices counters.

This recipe may seem simple with only a few ingredients and steps to follow, however it may not be as easy to master as you think, especially on the deep frying part!
The key to fry crispy and crunchy fish is to have the fish fried in HOT oil. If the oil is not hot enough, you may experience:
1.       Fish sticking to the pan/wok problem ruining the presentation
2.       Too much oil absorbed by the fish resulting in soggy, greasy fish.
So, how can we avoid this? How to test whether the oil is hot enough? The following steps are what I usually do to test the temperature of the oil. I use a chop stick or skewer and dip into the centre of the wok. If little bubbles are visible, as shown in the following photo, the oil is hot enough and ready for deep frying. 

Hot oil
 Another phobia that keep cooking novice from attempting to deep fry is the fear of being splashed by hot oil. So, to prevent this from happening, I do the following:
1. Keep the fish DRY – pat dry the fish with paper towel after cleaning and scaling
2. Coat fish with a layer of thin corn flour/flour to further absorb the moist and keep the fish skin in place
3. Slowly slip the fish into the wok from the side, no dropping from high heights and keep a distance away from the stove once the fish is in the wok.
4.  Face out the pan/wok cover to act as shield from possible oil splash once fish is added into the wok/pan.
Above are some of the methods I used. However if you are health conscious and not in favour of deep frying but still wish to try the taste of this Nyonya Turmeric fish, you can go for oven grill instead but you may not be able to taste the same crispy texture as in the case of deep frying.
Turmeric Fried Fish 黄姜煎鱼


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