Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scramble eggs with Shark’s fins and Crab meat ( 鱼翅炒)

First of all I would like to wish all my Chinese readers a very happy Chinese New Year!
May you be blessed, in this horse year, with good health, galloping like a champion horse to a great  height of success!
This year CNY day-1 lunch, my second Sister-in-law has suggested to try out this simple scramble eggs with the luxurious filling of shark’s fins and crab meat as it seemed to be a simple and fast egg dish which was kids friendly!

This Shark’s fin scramble eggs is one of the popular Nyonya cuisine dishes served during Chinese New Year reunion dinner. It is also commonly served in Chinese Wedding banquets where it usually forms part of the hot & cold combination platter served as starter with the name of Four Season.
I happen to bring back a copy of Food Magazine “ Yum Yum” featuring mostly Chinese New Year dishes and we found this recipe in there. On the Chinese New Year Eve night, SIL has briefly glanced thru it but didn’t really remember the all the steps.

The next day, CNY day-1, after finishing our ritual prayer at temple, we went back to dad’s house to prepare lunch. It was too bad that, I forgot to bring the recipe book. Hence, she just had to improvise whatever she couldn’t recall to prepare the dish. In the end, our version turned out to be  more like scramble eggs with veggie instead because we added a bit too much of onion, spring onion and cabbage we could hardly see the shark’s fins in it.

Nevertheless, it still tasted great! Smile

This dish can go with white rice or be wrapped with lettuce or placed in this “top hats” or Nyonya kuih pie tee.

For the recipe of how to make this crispy Pie Tee, do click on the link to one of my favorite food blogger site - Rasa Malaysia.
Our home cooked CNY lunch main dishes, scramble eggs with shark’s fins, braised sea cucumber, mushroom and pork trotter.


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