Sunday, October 23, 2011

Non-bake Lemon Cheese Cake 冰冻柠檬芝士蛋糕

My first order!

As mentioned in my previous post no bake cheese cake, during recent Raya lunch sharing session one of my colleagues shared with me that he brought back a slice of cheesecake for his little niece and she liked it so much that she wanted it for her birthday cake.  I thought it was no more than a flattering compliment.
2 weeks later, to my surprise he really approached me to ask for the same cheesecake for his niece’s birthday celebration!

So here is another version of the no bake cheese cake with lemon.
Lemon Cheese Cake 冰冻柠檬芝士蛋糕
I was glad that the cake turned out nicely and the six years old birthday girl and family members liked it very much. She even made me a lovely little thank you card! J

Friday, October 14, 2011

Meat Floss Mayonnaise Buns 汤种肉松面包

Since I resumed working, I must confess that my passion in cooking, baking and blogging took a back seat in life. If you’ve following me, you would have noticed I was more lax in updating my blog posts than before.  I have to apologise for that.
From my recent posts, you would notice I worked more on baking rather than cooking right.  Frankly, with a full time job, juggling work life balance can be quite demanding.  I am thankful to have our Auntie Lan to come back and stay with us and continue to be our master chef to relieve my burden of day to day cooking. J Having said that, I still try my best to explore new recipes at least once a week in the weekends.
Currently, the baking I continue to do nearly every week is the homemade water roux starter (Tangzhong) bread (汤种面包 ). Last Sunday, I decided to use part of the Tangzhong dough to make Meat Floss (肉松) Mayonnaise Bun.
If you are bread lovers in Malaysia and Singapore, you would have tasted this delicious Floss Bun which was introduced by famous Singaporean chain bakery shops Bread Talk. This signature floss bun once captured many bread lovers’ attention when it was first launched in Singapore and Malaysia, and I was one of them. That time whenever I came across a Bread Talk bakery shop, I would end up buying a few floss buns for breakfast or tea break. J
Pork Floss Mayonnaise Buns 汤种肉松面包

Ray with mouth full of pork floss mayonnaise bun


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