Friday, January 28, 2011

Lunches on the road

Simple and fast meals on the run – Part 3
24th January 2011

Finally we are home! Rotorua was our last stop; we left Rotorua this morning and didn't plan for any packed lunches as hubby purposely planned to rush back to Auckland for a late lunch. After 24 days on road trip, all of us were dying for a warm and decent meal at a restaurant. Especially hubby who wanted to bring Auntie Ah Lan to enjoy great restaurant food in Auckland before she ended her 3 months holiday in New Zealand and returned to Malaysia this Thursday.

We had a wonderful Roast Duck lunch at "Love a duck", Northcote North Shore Auckland.

Our yummy lunch - roast duck and claypot tofu
During our long road trip, we did have a few fast foods eat out at big M mainly to please Ming Ray at their playgrounds. Other than chain fast foods, one couldn't avoid not to try out Kiwi famous takeaways Fish and Chips.

Our first fish n chips takeaways in the car due to bad raining day at Palmerston North
Majority of our lunches on the road were packed lunches we prepared in the morning before checking out from the motels we stayed. Shown below were some of the packed lunches we had.

Packed lunches at Mt Cook
Fried noodles

Of all packed lunches we had, the number one pick of lunches rated by Ming Ray was Claypot chicken rice!

Rice cooker - Claypot chicken rice


  1. I am sure you must be tired after 24 days of road trip. I was when last year we did a road trip from LA to Oklohama for our family reunion but it was all worth it! Hey Yin, I would like to apologize for accidentally deleted your message to me on Group Recipes, I wanted to reply you but then after typing my reply, I click the delete button instead of send, silly me!! Anyway, I am so happy you join in my Valentine's giveaway, I hope you will be one of the lucky winner. Happy Birthday in advance to you! HUGS!!

  2. Hi Yin, thank you for visiting my blog earlier. Oh whoa, what a tiring but fun trip! I'll definitely miss my own bed after 24 days being away. haha.... New Zealand is a very beautiful place. Absolutely breathtaking view especially sunrising view at Whakapapa ski mountain. I have friends living in Wellington & Auckland. The one living in Wellington has 6 daughters and they're all grown up. My mom used to babysit her twins daughter. Just imagine how time flies. I'm getting old. Thanks for sharing. Hope you're havinga great day.
    Cheers, Kristy
    p/s Wishing you & your family a Happy Chinese New Year too. Have fun!

  3. Mmmmm the noodles look especially delicious. Safe & wondrous journeys!!
    Happy New Year to you & yours, may it be a great one



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