Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sewing DIY

Introducing my new Page - Sewing DIY
This is a long overdue page that I supposed to put up long long time ago. Yes, if you refer to the top tab you will notice, there is a new tab menu name DIY.

If you click on it, it will bring you to the page showing off  some of the sewing projects that I had worked on.

Box Bags
Ray and his racing car design bag set


  1. Wow, didn't know u're so talented! Lovely job!

    1. Hi Shirley:
      Thanks for the compliment, it made my days. :-)

  2. Yin, wonderful . Did you use a sewing machine to it? I learned on myown at age 8 year old to sew by watch mom and use her sewing machine also. I borrow books from library to learn also. Now I am a designer with my own label and designed costumes for Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco for many years and have Levi company sew for me.

    Hope more people take up sewing for it fun and you could create lot wonderful things.


    1. Hi Betty:
      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I used sewing machine for these sewing projects. I learned sewing by myself too.
      Wow on your achievement in having own label!
      Do you have website that I can go and visit and learn from there?

  3. Dear Yin,
    So, since I remarried after my first husband passed away and my now husband and I will set up a new web called San Francisco Generations. It after my children 3(daughters) and his 3 children also. I designed style for women in styles and sizes that fit all or most women not fitted type clothing. It will made in Taiwan and some in HongKong. My son inlaw aunt owned contract sewing company the sew for David Bridal in evening wear which will use for evening wears line.

    The children will designed for my other line for young people
    accessories. Handbags and backpacks ect. My husband and I also do home decor. Like bedspreads. bath towels and kitchen also. Will informed you when it set up soon.




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