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Kimchi Rice Vermicelli Soup 韩国泡菜米粉汤

Quick and Easy Korean Meals in 10 Minutes?

Previously, we covered the simple and easy way of making Korea's national dish, Kimchi. Once you have this ready-made Korean dish in your fridge, you can easily prepare various Korean meals anytime as you wish. For Korean families, kimchi seems to be a must in their food list. You can find one in nearly every fridge of a Korean home! Smile

Often when kimchi has been stored in the fridge for a while, it will become more sour and pungent. This is because Kimchi will continue to ferment even under low temperature in the fridge. In such circumstances, instead of consuming it raw as a side dish you may consider incorporating it into cooking, upgrading it from a side dish to a main meal instead.

In this post I am going to share with you an idea of serving Korean main meal in less than 10 minutes! Yes, in fact this is one of my favourite lunch meals that I make at home during the office lunch hour.

Lately I like to rush back home (12 minutes away from office) for lunch. Even though Auntie Lan does prepare rice meal at home for hubby and son but usually during lunch hour, soup noodle is more of my preferred choice than rice meal. Since I only have an hour of lunch time, with 25 minutes taken up by traveling, how do I maximize the remaining 35 minutes to prepare a separate lunch meal ?

Well, the secret is quite simple. You just need to have all ingredients standby in the fridge and just throw them altogether in a saucepan for cooking.

For this Kimchi Noodle Soup ( Kimchi  menu, simply add kimchi to a cup of boiling water or stocks, season to taste and throw in your choice of noodle ( I used rice vermicelli)! As simple as 1, 2, 3 and in 10 minutes time you get to enjoy a bowl of delicious Kimchi Noodle Soup!


You can add more flavor to this Kimchi Noodle soup by adding any side ingredients such as tofu, fish balls or meat balls, fish cake etc. as desired. You can also garnish it with spring onion or Korea seasoned and roasted dried seaweeds ( Gim, which I bought from Korea) to your liking.


The following is my simple Kimchi Noodle Soup I made for my lunch today!
Hmmmmm!!! Mash eet da!! Yummy! kimchinoodlesoup1
Since the Kimchi we made was mildly hot, you can see the soup was clearer than what you can expect from the famous Korean Shin Ramyun instant noodle soup which is bloody red and hot!
In less than 10 minutes, here is the empty bowl! P1000390
After enjoying this nutritious, warm, and satisfying noodle soup, I still have another 15 minutes rest time before heading back to workSmile with tongue out

Kimchi Rice Vermicelli Soup
1 portion of rice vermicelli or any noodles to your choice – ramen, glass noodle, and rice noodles etc.
Kimchi Soup
1 cup water or stock
3 to 4 tablespoon of well-fermented kimchi with kimchi brine
Side ingredients:
3-4 pcs of fish balls/meat balls/fish cake/tofu
1 tablespoon fish sauce/ soy sauce
salt  (to your taste)
1/2 teaspoon sugar ( optional, to reduce Kimchi sourness)
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 tablespoon of Korean chili paste ( for those who like extra heat)
For garnishing:
1 tablespoon of spring onions
1 tablespoon of Gim ( Korean seasoned roasted dried seaweeds)

1.    In a small pot bring a pot of water to boil and add in rice noodle and cook for 2 minutes, drained and set aside.
2.    In another separate pot, bring a cup of water or stocks to boil.
3.    Add in fermented Kimchi bring it to boil, then add in side ingredients, stir and simmer on low heat for about 3 minutes.
4.    Season with fish sauce/soy sauce/ salt and sugar to your taste.
5.    Garnish with spring onions/dried seaweeds before serve.





  1. This is a very interesting recipe. I made Japchae which is good for potluck due to it can be serve cold with only vegetable in it
    . I never made kimchee fried rice but it very popular too.

    1. Hi Betty:
      Thanks for visiting. You are right, Japchae is popular Korean meals during potluck events, my Korean friends in Auckland used to serve this during our putluck lunch too.
      To me Kimchi is very versatile to be incorporated into cooking, fried rice, noodle soup, fried noodle too. Just try it.

  2. Hi, love your blogs thanks. Just amazing. Could you please run a spyware as your blogs come up with links to "Infolinks" randomly. Thanks

    1. Hi Let's go, thanks for dropping by.

      Oops! Infolinks is not spyware, it is one of my online advertisers. I am trying to get some earnings to maintain the blog. Thanks for highlighting.



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