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Japanese Light Cheesecake (日式芝士蛋糕)


I have attempted two cheesecake baking experiences in the past, using the recipes from well known cook books that I have. However, I was disappointed to note that both attempts were not successful.

On both occasions, the cakes I made failed with poor cake appearances, either with cracked surface or sunk/collapsed center. Since then, I have given up cheesecake baking and only work on non-baked cheesecakes.

Not until recently when I was back in Penang, my good buddy YL bought me a new cake mold that inspired me to give it another try.

This time, knowing YL who was also a keen baker herself specializing in cheesecake baking; namely durian cheesecake, I sought her advice to learn her secret of success. She generously shared her customized recipe with me to give it another shot.

So, this time guess how did it go?

Even though with limited baking utensils and using a much smaller and unfamiliar oven in my sister-in-law’s ( SIL), LC’s kitchen….

Nonetheless, this was what came out from the oven….

Yes! I finally nailed it !


Hurray! I had a crack free and collapse free cheesecake!



However, there was a minor flaw with the cake texture. It was slightly damp at one of the corners at the bottom of cake.

This was because one of the corners of the mold was leaking and the aluminum foil I used was not double layered. I also didn’t firmly wrap the bottom of the baking mold. In the end, it resulted in some water sipping into the bottom layer of the cake and causing a damp corner.

From the recipe, I noticed the difference of the recipe was the flour content. She used very little flour in her recipe. In addition, corn flour was added in it too!  Chiffons method was used by whisking egg whites into soft peak then only mixed well with the cream cheese batter creating a light and fluffy effect. No wonder the cake was not dense and felt lighter.

I made this cake on September 16th (916) Malaysia day.  I was overwhelmed to see the cake come out perfectly. With my dad’s birthday falling on the same day, this cake was just nice to be used to celebrate his 85th birthday this year.


Thank God my dad liked and enjoyed eating the cake very much. I was on cloud nine with his compliments on the taste and appearance of the cake being better than those commercially made cakes.  His comments definitely made my day!Smile

Other than the cake, I also made my signature crispy roasted pork belly.


With the help from my SIL, we successfully prepared a sumptuous home cooked birthday dinner for dad. It was a great dinner especially when you enjoyed it with your loved ones.



Japanese Light Cheesecake



A) Cake Ingredients

250ml milk

240g cream cheese

60g butter

2 tsp. lemon juice ( helps cake set faster and brown slower and reduce the richness of the cream cheese)


B) Cake Ingredients

55g flour

20g corn flour


C) Cake Ingredients

6 eggs ( separated into egg white and yolks)

130g castor sugar




1. Melt cream cheese, butter and milk over a double boiler.

2. Cool the mixture and fold in egg yolks, flour, corn flour and mix well. Strain mixture to remove lumps.

3. Beat egg white until foamy, gradually add sugar and continue to whisk until stiff peaks.

4. Add egg white mixture and fold into the strained egg yolk and cream cheese mixture by 3 batches and mix well in one direction.

5.Bang the mixing bowl on top of worktop 3-4 times hard to reduce the air bubbles on the cake, before placing into oven and bake in a preheated oven ( 170 C) using water bath for 45 minutes at 160C.

6. When the cake is done ( test with a skewer when come out clean), switch off the power and leave cake in the oven for 10 minutes and thereafter leave the door ajar for 20 minutes.

7. Remove the cake from the oven and cool for 30 minutes before removing it from the pan and peeling off the baking paper.



· To avoid cake shrinking quickly, leave it in the oven (while off) with the oven door ajar until cake cool down then remove.

  • To avoid bottom of cake from becoming  too dense, must fold the egg white evenly with cheese batter in one direction.
  • To avoid cake browning too quickly, place tray at the bottom instead of in the middle rack of the oven. 






















    1.用双煮沸法,熔芝士奶油奶酪,油和牛奶 时不时搞拌,直至完全溶解,没有粒粒和平滑把碗移离小锅待凉。








    5.把面糊倒进焗盘中后,在台面上敲3-4次以减少气泡在蛋糕上,再置入另一个大焗盘。倒进半满的热水,小心放入焗炉中最低的炉架上以放置到烤箱和烘烤用水浴中法 以160℃烘烤45分钟。





    7. 从烤箱取出蛋糕冷却30分钟蛋糕脱模在铁架上放凉。



    • 为了避免蛋糕迅速萎缩,必免立刻把蛋糕取出。蛋糕留在烤箱,把烤箱门虚掩着,直到蛋糕冷却下来再取出。
    • 为了避免蛋糕底部太密集,当把蛋白霜加入蛋黄和奶油奶酪面糊中后要同一方向拌匀。
    • 为了避免蛋糕太快上色,把烤盘放置在托盘底部,而不是烤箱的中间机架。




    1. Oh my , this handmade is just what I was looking for - lovely and delicious and creative - thank you and bless you.

      1. Dear Brendan:
        Glad you like this recipe too. Hope you give it a try. Thanks for dropping by.

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