Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pulau Aman Mee Udang (Prawn Noodles)

Care to have a bowl of Prawn Noodles?
Following up from our recent trip to Batu Kawan,Seberang Perai to Auntie Chun Li’s house, we found out her house was only 2km away from Jetty Batu Musang, the gateway to Pulau Aman

We decided to take a ferry excursion trip to take a look at this small island. The island was merely a 10 minutes boat ride from Batu Musang Jetty, at RM6.00 per adult and RM4.00 per child for a two-way fare.

Nothing much of sight seeing to expect from this small Malay fishing village island. We expected to finish venturing the island within 2 hours. The absence of good beaches on this island was made up by the fresh seafood available.

pulau aman2
At the beach the main activities we saw along the beach were clams digging and fishing.

This island was well known for its giant mantis prawn and the island was famous for its “Mee Udang” (prawn noodles).

There were a few Mee Udang restaurants on the island, the famous one was Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman. which was the one we patronized that day.


A plate of normal Mee Udang priced at RM6 and special with extra prawns priced at RM10.

While we had spicy mee udang, we ordered Prawn fried rice for Ming Ray.


  1. Pheow...was it good ? I remember one in Gertak Sanggul that was pretty good. Can;t remember the name though..old age and fading memory to blame here. Happy New Year to MRay, Goy and you too.

    1. Dear Heah:
      Yes, I think the place is called Gertak Sanggul over in Penang island. Been there many years ago, couldnt really remember the taste but this one is consider good to me. A bit spicy though.

      Happy new year to you and family too. If you back in Penang during CNY, let's meet up.

  2. HI Yin,,
    Wah.. that bowl if Prawn noodle have me drooling in front of the pc.. love asam pedas and it sure looks very asam and pedas!!

    1. Hi Sylvia:
      Yes, the soup not so asam but sure pedas to my standard :-P

  3. You didn't eat the mantis prawn? We tried it a few times when we were in Malaysia and I think it is my favourite seafood ever. So meaty and sweet.

    1. Hi Genie:
      Welcome from your Auckland Bunny world to Malaysia Yin Kitchen.

      I didnt try the mantis that day, it was snap off within second when the fishmen brought them in freshly from the sea. So we just enjoyed the noodles that widely available.

      But we had that in other seafood restaurant and you are right they are tasty, well it can be another cheaper option to Lobster.

    2. We actually ate mantis prawn and lobster at the same time at the open air seafood place in Kota Kinabalu to compare them. We decided that mantis prawn was better than lobster! So if it is cheaper than lobster, that is good too.



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