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Homemade Teo Chew Cai Kuih /Teo Chew Dumpling

This seem to be my last post for year 2012, with just second away to 2013. I would like to wish all of you :

 Happy New Year !
Welcome 2013

Penang Teo Chew Vegetarian Cai Kuih


On the 15th December, we made a road trip to our hometown in Penang and later on our return journey extended our trip to Batu Kawan, a small town located along the route not far from Penang, to visit Auntie Lan’s sister. Auntie Lan’s brother-in-law recommended a local skilful Thai massage lady in Batu Kawan for therapeutic Thai massage to treat hubby’s chronic back pain and my repeated knee ache lately.

The massage was not the typical Thai massage for relaxation but rather like pressure point massage which hurt quite a bit. My body was said to have too much “wind” and the advice given was to reduce the consumption of ice and cold drinks.  Thankfully, other than the agonizing pain suffered on our bodies,  our tongue and stomach however got to savour one of the best homemade food.

Auntie Lan’s sister, Auntie Chun Li is another great cook. She is especially good at cooking vegetarian food. One of her specialties is the Teo Chew Cai Kuih  (Teo Chew dumpling). I told her that I wish to video tape her vegetarian Cai Kuih making and upload to Youtube. Both husband and wife were so happy to share the recipe and looked forward to be featured in Youtube.

There are 2 types of Teo Chew Cai kuih, traditional Cai Kuih which is using rice flour with thicker skin texture and chewy in taste. Another type which Auntie Chun Li shared here is using wheat starch. The pastry skin is translucent and thinner than the rice flour version. As this is Vegetarian Cai Kuih, Auntie Chun Li replaced Chinese Chives (韭菜) filling with Amaranth (苋菜) and using vegetarian meat in replacing dried shrimp and pork mince.

Sharing below the step by step video which I had uploaded in Youtube:

For recipe kindly click below link.

Teo Chew Vegetarian Cai Kuih
Cai Kuih/ Dumpling Skin
2 bowls Wheat Starch
1 bowl tapioca flour
3 bowls water
1 tbsp. of salt
Cooking oil
1.       Mix both flour into a big bowl/container to make.
2.       Add in water and slowly stir to dissolve flour and add in salt.
3.       Heat up wok and pour the flour mixture into the wok and turn to high heat to cook the flour mixture.
4.       Constantly stir the flour mixture until transparent dough is formed which indicated the flour is cooked.
5.       When the flour is cooked it gets difficult too sticky to stir, reduce to low heat to avoid dough being over burnt.
6.       Set dough aside to slightly cool.  
7.       Prepare a big bowl and add in some cooking oil, transfer the cooked dough from wok to this bowl.
8.       Use spatula to coat dough with cooking oil to avoid sticky dough.
9.       Use a big tray and flour with some tapioca flour and knead dough lightly until dough coated with tapioca flour evenly.
10.   Divide and shape floured dough into equal portion balls.
11.   User rolling pin to flatten out dough, about 1.5mm in thickness.
12.   Add a heap tablespoonful of filling then fold dough and pinch or pleat edges to seal.
13.   Arrange dumplings on greased banana leaf, steam in preheated steamer with high heat for 8 minutes. The dumplings will turn translucent after steaming.
14.   To avoid dumplings stick together, spread some oil on the dumpling and transfer onto a greased banana leaf serving plate.
For measurement, do use same bowl for both flour and water.
Cai Kuih Fillings
Sengkuang/Jicama - cut into strips or shredded
Carrots - cut into strips or shredded
Dried mushroom  - soak, drain and sliced
Dried radish – soak and drain
Chinese Celery stalk (discard leaves)
Vegetarian lamb/Vegetarian luncheon meat – cut into cubes
Green Amaranth leaves - chopped
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Jicama Carrots Filling:
15.   Heat oil, sauté dried radish, add in mushroom, vegetarian luncheon meat untill fragrant.
16.   Add in jicama, carrots and stir-fry for 3-4 minutes, add some water (including water reserved from soaking mushroom).
17.   Add in seasonings and leave to simmer with low heat till all water is evaporated.
18.   Sprinkle in chopped Chinese celery stalk, turn heat off and stir to mix.
19.   Set aside to cool.
Amaranth Filling:
20.   Heat oil, add in chopped vegetarian lamb meat sauté till fragrant.
21.   Add in chopped amaranth leaves stir-fry for 3-4 minutes, add in seasonings.
22.   Turn heat off and set aside to cool.
翻炒苋菜,素羊肉 加入调味,移出冷却。

菜粿面皮材料 :

将两种面粉加入在一个大的盆/容器。加入水,慢慢地搅拌溶解成粉浆再加入盐调味。烧热炒锅,逐步倒入粉浆,用大火煮至变稠,成透明块状至熟, 其间须不断搅拌。
使用一个大托盘,洒上一些木薯粉轻轻将面团揉至均匀。将面团划分成相等份。用擀面杖压平成厚度约1.5mm 的圆面皮。



  1. Hey Yin,
    Well weldone!! love the music and of coz auntie Chun Li's dumpling. I have tried to made " Ha Kaw" sometime ago..but to a disaster!! it was too thick and the packet didn't mention a lot of points..anyway.. thank you for this very informative video.
    Wishing you and very Happy 2013. Hope 2013 will bring you lots of love, joy and sucess.

  2. Sylvia:
    Yes, you can use this pastry for ha kaw too.
    Thanks for the new year greeting, I hope you have a wonderful year ahead too!

  3. Sounds delicious, Happy New Year :)

    1. Hi Food lover:
      Thanks, hope you have wonderful year ahead too.

  4. Happy New Year Yin! I haven't seen many cooking videos yet, but this one of your aunt is very nicely done. Together with the print recipe, I feel that I could make this dish for myself easily. Thank goodness there's an Asian market near my home. I should be able to get all the ingredients with no problems. Plus, this is a new dish for me, so I'm very much looking forward to tasting it. Thanks, Yin!

    1. Dear Belinda:
      Nice to have you here and happy new year to you too.
      I'm glad that you like the video, looking forward in getting your update again should you really tryout the recipe.
      In fact, you can use this pastry skin for prawn fillings instead of veggie. It will be prawn dumpling, one of the signature dish you can easily enjoy at Hong Kong Cantonese Dim Sum Restaurant, which they called " Ha Kaw".



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