Monday, April 8, 2013

African Violets 非洲紫罗兰

My first flower gardening experience

As a practical person, this trait has influenced my choices in gardening.  I’m not keen in flower gardening but favour vegetables gardening because if I were to put in efforts into growing something, I’d rather have plants that I can harvest for consumption than for aesthetic appreciation.

Some time ago, my company’s HR manager decided to do away with the fountain corner in the office lobby due to poor maintenance. Seeing the unknown flowers surrounding the fountain left unattended and dying one after another, I decided to bring back the last two pots and tried my best to revive them.

The pots that I brought back only had a few stems and a few dark green, thick, hairy leaves.  I had no idea what species these plants were at first and had no clue of how to take care of them. I continued to water daily but the initial firm standing stems gradually turned soft and looked sickly. A chance visit to a nearby flower nursery made me realize these plants were known as African Violets. (Saintpaulia ionantha) . These plants needed just enough water to keep the soil moist, but never soggy.  It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. I was advised by the owner of the nursery that I might have overwatered the plants and that these flowers were not easy to take care of.  After knowing the source of the problem, I went home and made some adjustment.  Not long after, voila!  I was pleased to share the following results J

I was so overwhelmed when these flowers blossomed, and felt so contented that I succeeded in reviving these flowers.


African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha).

But I was equally sad to find they only lasted for 3 weeks before they withered. Overall it was a really good gardening experience for me.


  1. That was brave of you to bring those orphan plants home and give it a try, Yin. I remember growing up, my mom kept an African violet plant living in the window for quite some time, but I don't recall any blossoms. Maybe it was the direct sunlight.

    1. Hi Belinda:
      Happy new year to you!
      Thanks for dropping by to my blog.

      Yes, this plant needed delicated care and not easy to get it blossom.
      Hence, after this experience, I hardly tried out again on any flower plant. But I still keep some of the leave plants from my office at home , they survive :-)

  2. Hi may I know how you managed to revive the overwatered african violet? I just overwatered to mine 😢



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