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Scramble eggs with Shark’s fins and Crab meat ( 鱼翅炒)

First of all I would like to wish all my Chinese readers a very happy Chinese New Year!
May you be blessed, in this horse year, with good health, galloping like a champion horse to a great  height of success!
This year CNY day-1 lunch, my second Sister-in-law has suggested to try out this simple scramble eggs with the luxurious filling of shark’s fins and crab meat as it seemed to be a simple and fast egg dish which was kids friendly!

This Shark’s fin scramble eggs is one of the popular Nyonya cuisine dishes served during Chinese New Year reunion dinner. It is also commonly served in Chinese Wedding banquets where it usually forms part of the hot & cold combination platter served as starter with the name of Four Season.
I happen to bring back a copy of Food Magazine “ Yum Yum” featuring mostly Chinese New Year dishes and we found this recipe in there. On the Chinese New Year Eve night, SIL has briefly glanced thru it but didn’t really remember the all the steps.

The next day, CNY day-1, after finishing our ritual prayer at temple, we went back to dad’s house to prepare lunch. It was too bad that, I forgot to bring the recipe book. Hence, she just had to improvise whatever she couldn’t recall to prepare the dish. In the end, our version turned out to be  more like scramble eggs with veggie instead because we added a bit too much of onion, spring onion and cabbage we could hardly see the shark’s fins in it.

Nevertheless, it still tasted great! Smile

This dish can go with white rice or be wrapped with lettuce or placed in this “top hats” or Nyonya kuih pie tee.

For the recipe of how to make this crispy Pie Tee, do click on the link to one of my favorite food blogger site - Rasa Malaysia.
Our home cooked CNY lunch main dishes, scramble eggs with shark’s fins, braised sea cucumber, mushroom and pork trotter.

Scramble eggs with Shark fins and Crab meat

Serving – 10 pax
Cabbage – shredded
Carrot – shredded
Onion – slices ( optional, you can replace with bean sprouts)
Prawn meats
Crab meats – fresh or frozen
Pre-soaked Shark fins ( optional, you can replace with glass noodle)
10 eggs ( adjust accordingly to headcounts)
Few stalks of spring onion – shredded

1.5 tsp. salt – (adjust to your taste )
1 tsp. Sesame oil
1 tbsp. Chinese cooking wine – Shaoxing Wine Dash of pepper

1. Heat up wok with cooking oil, add in onion and stir fry until soften and fragrance 
2. Add in shredded vegetables of cabbage and carrots and stir fry for 1-2 minutes.
3. Add in eggs one by one and stir fry until well mixed.
4. Optional following Yum Yum’s recipe,  you can mix all eggs and shredded veggie and seasoning in a big mixing bowl and stir fry in one go. 
5. Add in Shark fins and crab meats, stir fry for a while and add in seasoning and continue to stir fry until well mixed.
6. Lastly, toss in the chopped spring onion, have another quick stir, dish out and serve hot.  



1. You can replace Shark’s fins with Glass noodle.
2. Recommend to use same weight/portion of each ingredient except Onion to half portion. However you can adjust accordingly to your liking on each type of veggie.

材料: 卷心/包菜 - 切丝
胡萝卜 - 切丝
洋葱 - 薄片(任选,你可以用芽菜取代)
螃蟹肉 - 新鲜或冷冻
预先浸泡的鱼翅 ( 任选,你可以用粉丝取代 )
数茎青葱- 切丝
調味料 适量盐,1大匙绍兴酒,芝麻油1茶匙、胡椒粉少許。 做法: 1. 燒熱3湯匙油下葱片略炒至软化。
2. 加包菜丝和萝卜丝炒勻。雞蛋加入不停炒,至蛋液成桂花小粒狀。
3. 倒入魚翅和蟹肉炒加調味料拌勻。
4. 可选的,你可以在第1步后,混合所有的鸡蛋和切丝蔬菜及调料在一个大碗里搅拌一次过翻炒.

5. 最后加入葱花,快速翻炒,盛起及隔去水份,趁热食用。

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