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Crispy roasted pork belly (脆皮烧肉)

What's for dinner tonight?
Ming Ray's favourite's Crispy roasted pork belly 脆皮烧肉!
Ever since May 2010 when my computing classmate Jenny from Hong Kong, taught me the easy way of home baking crispy roasted pork belly (脆皮烧肉) , we no longer need to patron local Chinese restaurant every week for this dish, great deal of $ has been saved. It has also became one of my signature dish among my Auckland friends.

Combining efforts from online recipes, I managed to improvise a simple yet fool proof recipe to share.

Crispy roasted pork belly (脆皮烧肉)
I'm glad this recipe gets featured in Group recipes homepage for one of their best of week recipes 16/10/2010.

May 2014 updates :
Just noticed that, I had used this recipe for the last 4 years and I must admit it has since be my signature dish serving on my dinner table every now and then especially during festive occations, it serves to be a routine dish.
Hubby has even master the skill in cutting and presentation too, you can tell from this photo:


Pork Belly 五花腩- about 1 kg
Coarse salt 粗鹽

Seasoning 燒肉醃料
  1. Shaoxing wine/Cooking wine 紹興酒 1湯匙 - 1 tbsp 
  2. Salt 幼鹽 - 2-2.5tsp
  3. Sugar 糖 1/2 tsp
  4. Chicken Stock powder 雞粉 - 1/4tsp
  5. Sand Ginger powder 沙薑粉 1tsp - optional
  6. Five spice powder 五香粉 1/2-1tsp – I put 1 tsp
Preparation Step:
  1. Wash the pork belly and remove any hair on the rind/skin, pat dry with paper towel.先将五花腩皮上的污秽物及拔除毛洗净抹干水.
  2. Prick/poke the rind as many holes as possible, this is important step to make the rind crispy. I poke holes using the sharp tip of the veggie and fruit peeler. 用猪插在表面刺松皮, 剌多都不怕,因为剌少会影响皮脆。

  3. Made a few slits on the meat for better absorption of seasoning.把肉开缝以更好地吸收调味。
  4. First coat the rind and pork belly meat with cooking wine, then only marinate the meat with above seasoning but not the rind/skin. 腩肉都涂抹上绍兴酒和腌料, 记住腌料只涂抹在肉上,皮是不用腌的.

  5. Air dry the whole pork belly openly in the fridge with the rind facing upward. Ok to leave in the fridge for days until you wish to bake. Best to leave it for at least 1 day to have good crispy result. 放进冰箱风干,  至少一天。
Baking Step 烘烤步骤
  1. Wrap the pork belly with aluminum foil and place in a baking tray, make sure the height of the foil is 1 inch  higher than the pork belly. 用钖纸先包在密五花腩, 留下猪皮部位不用包着.
  2. Coat a layer of coarse salt fully covered on the rind, this to make the water at the rind surface to evaporate to achieve crispy skin effect. 包好腩肉后, 在猪皮上倒下约一吋厚粗盐. 用盐焗是因为要令到猪皮表面水份全部蒸发, 达至表皮松脆效果, 所以没有被粗盐覆盖的地方会较韧.
  3. Pre-heat the oven at 230 degree celcius for 15 min. 先将焗炉以230度预热15分钟.
  4. Bake the pork belly at the center of oven for 50 minutes. 将包好既腩肉放入焗炉内焗50分钟.
  5. After 50 minutes, take out the pork belly and get rid of the coaarse salt. 过了50分钟后取出将盐起走,
  6. Change the bake mode to grill and reduce the heat to 210 degree celcius and put back pork belly at higher rack of the oven to girll for another 20 minutes or until the rind is crispy. 更改焗式变烤式,减少热至210度摄氏再将烧肉放回焗炉再以210度烤20-25分钟, 烤至猪皮松脆.
  7. From my experience the rind will start crackling after 15 minuets at grill mode. 以我的经验,腩肉外皮会在15分钟以后开始脆皮。
  8. Take out from oven and let it cool before served. 烧肉稍凉后斩件上碟. 完成


  1. Thanks Yin for this great and easy recipe - I have never eaten so uch pork in my whole life since moving to Shanghai, I love it and love to find new ways to cook it. Will be making this one soon!

  2. Fiona,
    Thanks, You will gonna love it once you try it. Now, it has became my main dish whenever there are guests come for dinner hahaha...
    Do update me on your tryout. Happy trying.

  3. Wow, been wanting to try this. Thanks for sharing this recipe:)

  4. Food language
    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you give it a try and do update me . :-P

  5. I've tried to make roasted pork belly last month. The skin came out crispy, however, the meat is just too dry. It is because I didn't wrap the meat with foil paper while baking?

  6. Hi anonymous:
    Thanks for trying out the recipe. You didn't mention in detail how you bake the pork belly so I just can anwswer in general.

    If you baked openly, then the meat is tend to be drier. The foil help to keep the pork juice and moist the pork while baking.

    On the other hand, if you use lean pork belly then it will also causing drier meat. Best to follow the recipe to get a crispy pork belly.

  7. HI Yin,

    Thanks for the advise. I used the recipe from other website previously. I'll try yours next time.

  8. 哈咯.我想问一下,你说猪皮要用猪插.只是刺表面吗?还是要刺入它的油?(我刺不进)谢谢.

  9. Shang:

  10. 谢谢你,其实我昨天已经做来吃了,味道很好,家人赞不绝口,只是皮不怎么脆和有点咸.请问是什么问题呢?应该要怎么做.谢谢.

  11. Shang:

    多做几次就可掌握技巧, 加油啦!

  12. 谢谢你.我一定会再试的.

  13. Hello Ying,
    My third sis and eldest brother in law worked with Goi in the same company. I'm the one living in US now.
    I cooked the roast pork using your method.. It turns out very well. Finally, my skeptical husband was content..
    Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope you always have faith and find comfort in Thy.

  14. Hi:
    Yes, I think I know who you are, I had met all 3 of your sisters but not you yet, next round when you are back can arrange to meet up with your sisters too :-)

    So glad to know your trying turn out great! Good start. Soon, your hb will no longer yarning for outside roaster pork anymore :-P

    Thanks again for your condolence. BTW, you can add me in FB via your sister FB friends.

  15. 我最喜欢吃烧肉了。妳的食谱,我收下啦!谢谢!:)

    1. 追食富迪

  16. Hai, may i know that your meaning of " leave in the fridge for days until you wish to bake". Is it marinate, then put in the fridge uncover for days? Then will the fridge has the meat smell?

    1. Hi:
      Yes, the meat is marinated before placing into the fridge. The traditional way is hanging outside to air dry. But to speed up and avoid the flies etc much easier now to air dry in fridge. I used to place uncovered overnight, so far not noticed any meat smell. Or I'm not so sensitive in such meat smell. :-)

  17. hullo i did this tonight...and it was amazing!!!! thank you so much :)

    is the album of the dinner i cooked. happy new year! :)

  18. Hi,
    Thanks for liking the recipe and had a successful try out.

    Saw your photo album, the pork belly really looking great!
    Mouth watering by just looking at it! You choose the right combination of pork belly, layer of fat and lean meat just nice.

    Happy new year to you too, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  19. Hi Yin,

    You made reddit! Congrats!

    In your recipe, you say: "Coat at least 1 inch thickness of coarse salt on the rind, this to make the water at the rind surface to evaporate to achieve crispy skin effect."

    But looking at the picture, it looks like a small layer of salt is over the pork. A one inch thickness of salt would fill up the foil to the top. Is that really what you meant?

    1. Dear Alan:
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yes, you are right. The 1 inch was illustrated in the recipe but I wasn't able to find the coarse salt which has larger grain and this might result thicker layer if using these type of salt.
      The photo was my very 1st attemp, that time I had only that much of salt in hand so I just layer on it. However, after so many attempts that I had with this fool prof recipe. I reckon you may not need to have exactly 1 inch of layer of salt, as long as the skin was fully cover by a layer of salt it was sufficient.
      I will amend the recipe accordingly. Thanks for highligting it.
      I hope you try out and got a great success too!

    2. Hi Yin,

      Ok, thanks! I got it!

      Also, I was reading your Cha Siu Pau recipe, which is my wife's favorite. It calls for Pork Scotch Fillets. Do you know if this is this what we call pork loin in the US?

    3. Hi Alan:
      Well, if follow Chinese translation it regards as pork tenderloin. Yes, I suppose you can try with pork loin.
      As long as no fat and soft part of the pork meat can be a good option to try.

  20. Very nice, I love roast belly and this is almost as good as restaurant quality

    Quick tip: To cut the belly evenly put the belly upside down (rind down) and use a meat cleaver. It makes cutting much easier.

    If you do it rind up then the rind sometimes comes off the meat and spoils it

    1. Hi there:
      Thanks for the cutting tips, much appreciated. Yes, hubby did that too.

  21. Hi, may i know what is sand ginger powder? Is it called 'lengkuas' in Malay? Can i omit if couldn't find or is there any substitute? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lee:
      Welcome and thanks for comment.
      Lengkuas in English is galangal, in Chinese this ginger is 南姜 might be different type of ginger. Anyway, this powder is optional.
      Frankly, in Malaysia I can't locate this powder hence, I omitted it. However, for replacement you can try to powder some ginger and mix in, but I just do without it.



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