Friday, August 8, 2014

Pumpkin Loaf (Tangzhong) 南瓜汤种面包

Healthy Golden Vegetable bread

Pumpkin is one of our family favourite vegetables, if you search thru my blog you will find quite a number of recipes using pumpkin with various cooking methods from baking, stir fry to porridge making. 

Last week, pumpkin was on offer in the local market and we have bought one at a good price. With only 4 of us in a family, I used to buy a cut portion of a pumpkin. This time with a whole pumpkin,  Since, I decided to use some for bread making. 

Those who follow my blog will know that I love making Tangzhong bread. While google through the net, I came across one of my favourite food blogger Christine’s Recipes Tangzhong Pumpkin loaf, which was exactly the right bread recipe that I was looking for.

Thanks to Christine, her recipe never fails me. I have another great soft fluffy loaf that I hope can last for 2 days of breakfast meals for my family !
Photo Editor pumpkinbreadcut
Following are the main ingredients to make this pumpkin bread. For the full recipe, check out Christine’s blog.

Main Ingredients:
  • 120g Tangzhong (please refer to this to make Tangzhong)
  • 100 g pumpkin puree
  • 50 g whisked egg
  • 110 ml milk
  • 40 g honey
  • 12 g milk power
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 350 gm bread flour
  • 2 tsp. instant dried yeast
  • 25 gm butter, melted

After kneading use windowpane test to test dough elasticity before placing it back into the greased bowl to start the proofing process.

Once the second proofing is finished, brush whisked egg on surface then placed the dough into oven to bake with 180C degree for 30 minutes.

pumpkinbread_proofing_collage eggwashpumpkin_collage
Leave it on rack to cool for 5 minutes before demould. Brush some melted butter on the loaf and cover with tea towel for 10 minutes. Once cooled completely, slice the bread and it’s time to enjoy the healthy vegetable golden bread!



  1. Yin, I like this recipe. Have you try with sweet potato or purple sweet potato?
    Taro would be nice and I will try it. The baked mooncake filling I try to make a mixed nuts and dried fruits and lup chong or lup yuk chopped up.

    The sweet and savory taste would be nice.


    1. Hi Vickie:
      Thanks for liking the recipe, you have given me fresh ideas for my next vegetable bread making. I have not try the savory ingredients into mooncake, will consider this year. Thanks for your great sharing. Do drop by more often, good to have postive input.



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