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Pork & Dried shrimps One Pot rice 电饭锅猪肉虾米煲仔饭


Simple rice cooker one-pot meal

I bet many of you working moms would love to get your family meals prepared with ease when you have a rush and tight schedule, no? Shared here is an easy and simple one-pot meal perfect for a hassle-free midweek lunch or dinner. To me this recipe is a great option for a lazy weekend instead.

The name “One Pot” which literally means everything is mixed and cooked together in one pot and served as the only dish.

This recipe was adapted from Cantonese one-pot rice dish, originally made use glutinous rice cooked in a clay pot. We simplified the recipe by using normal rice cooker instead.

For the ingredients, we retained the usual Chinese pork sausages, pork slices and dried shrimps. However, you can twist the recipe by adding some greens to it to make it a balanced diet. Chopped long beans or French beans are good options. Carrots and mushrooms are also great choices.

I didn’t have them when I prepared the meal; I substituted with slices of tomatoes and lettuce to go with the rice instead.



Our family love to have soup to go with rice. To compliment with this one pot rice, we used to prepare simple miso soup or fish balls soup to serve together.



Pork & Dried shrimps One Pot rice
Serve 4



2 cups of Thailand Jasmine Rice


Water ( 1 :1.5 water ratio)

(Much depend on the type of rice, some rice may absorb more water, rule of thumb is to use slightly less amount of water as compared normal plain rice.

I usually don’t measure in cups; I use my palm as measurement, as long as the water level slightly over my knuckles)

Pork belly, cut into small strips
Dried shrimp, soak and wash
Chinese Pork sausages (lup cheong), steam to cook and sliced thinly


Marinate Pork slices with:

Light soy sauce (to your taste)
Dark soy sauce (to your taste)

You can use roast pork if you have it on hand.


Rice Seasoning: (to your taste)

2 cloves Garlic - peeled, chopped

1 tbsp. Light soy sauce

1 tsp. Dark soy sauce

1 tbsp. Oyster sauce

1 tbsp. Maggi chicken stock essence (optional)



5 gloves small shallots peeled and cut into thin slices.







1.    Marinated the pork strips and dried shrimps and set aside for at least half an hour.

2.    Wash, soak (30 minutes) and drain uncooked white rice, add one tbsp. of Maggi chicken stock essence to the rice and set aside.

3.    Heat oil in wok, sauté the slices of shallots into golden brown and set aside.

4.    Leave some oil in the wok and add in dried shrimps and stir fry until it starts to dance before adding pork slices and continue to stir fry for 3- 4 minutes before dish up and set-aside.

5.    Add 1tbsp. oil in wok and sauté the chopped garlic until fragrant before pouring in the rice.

6.    Add in water and seasoning with dark and light soy sauces and oyster sauce; continue to stir-fry to mix for 5 minutes, taste test before dish up.

7.    Transfer the fried rice back to rice cooker and switch on cook button to let it cook in the rice cooker for about 15 minutes.

8.    After 15 minutes, open up the rice cooker cover and you will see the rice is boiling, time to add in the fried pork/shrimps mixtures and pork sausages, stir to mix before closing back the cover and let the rice continue to cook until rice cooker automatically turn to "Keep Warm" mode.

9.    Leave it there for another 5 to 10 minutes before dish up.

10. Garnish with sautéed shallots and serve hot.




2 杯的泰国香米 ( 四人份)

水(米和水的比例:1:1.5 这个比例很重要,关系到饭的生熟程度!太烂不好吃,夹生则根本没法吃!)
2瓣大蒜 - 去皮,切碎

五花肉切成小条状,腌猪肉片30分钟用适量酱油,黑酱油。 可用烧肉代替。虾米洗净浸泡滤干,洗净的腊肠蒸熟切成薄片。

饭调料: 1汤匙。酱油 :1茶匙。老抽酱油 :1汤匙。蚝油,1汤匙。美极鸡精(可选)

摆盘: 5粒小葱头去皮,切成薄片。


  1. 把肉调味(备用)
  2. 米洗好(最好用水浸泡30分钟),加入1汤匙。美极鸡精备用
  3. 在炒锅烧热油,爆香葱头成金黄色,备用。
  4.  在炒锅烧热油,爆香葱头成金黄色,备用。
  5. 留少许油,并加入虾米爆香再把猪肉片倒进去继续翻炒34钟盛起备用。如果你想加豆角菜类,现在就可以加入,随着猪肉炒拌。
  6.  炒锅下油1汤匙,爆香蒜茸再把米倒进去翻炒几下,倒入清水调味料继续翻炒均匀越5分钟口味测试盛起
  7. 转移炒饭回电饭煲让它在电饭煲煮约15分钟。
  8. 将锅盖打开看一下,电饭煲里的水沸腾后马上放肉虾米,切好的腊肉搅匀,盖上盖子,继续煮,关跳起后,再焖5-10分钟,撒上炸葱头片即可食用。


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