Monday, September 29, 2014

Bag Sewing Projects


After I started the wristlets projects, I found many free online bag tutorials which were not as difficult to follow as I thought. With so many scrap curtain fabrics that my ex-classmate,Cecelia gave me after she shutdown her curtain fabric shop, I decided to fully utilize them. Instead of making more small wristlet and phone bags, it was time for me to take the challenge of making bigger bags.

2014 Wristlet collections




I am really not a handbag person as I seldom wear handbag to work or even for shopping. Because of this, the likes of branded handbags such as Gucci, Prada, LV etc. were never in my “must have” list. I am ok to settle with any bag as long as it is functional. These online DIY bag patterns are functional and pretty. They are great for own use and also great as gifts to give away.

The following bag collections are the results of the many weekends that I spent since end of last year. Whenever I was not into baking, these sewing projects took place.

Most of these bags were no longer with me, except for the following three bags, which I just couldn’t give them up due to their nice fabric pattern.

Pleated bag by U- handbag


My favorite evening bag, Rosette round handle bag


and this latest collection Diana Hobo bag


The following bags were gifts that I gave away to relatives, friends and colleagues for various functions such as New Year, new born and farewell.

These were diaper bags for my Finance team members. You can get the free diaper bag tutorial from here

diaper bag_collage


New year bag for my second Sister-in-law, Phoebe Bag pattern by Rebeka Lambert.


Farewell gift to my ex-IT staff, round wooden handle tote bag.


The latest hobo bag to my ex-Finance member.


These bags may not be made from fancy expensive material, but every bag made was a limited edition as they never shared the same bag and fabric patterns. For all the bags that I gave away, I hope the new owners would cherish them dearly and whenever they used it, I would be in their thoughts.

Or maybe I should sign off my master pieces by making a small embroidery to be sewed inside as my own brand. clip_image001

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