Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Coca-cola Chicken Wings 可乐鸡翅

Recently, I took a break from my career and went back to hometown, Penang to help my dad to renovate our old house while spending some quality family time with him. With the old house under full renovation and not in livable condition, we temporarily moved to stay with my second brother and his family.

Other than an hour or two daily playing a Project Manager's role checking on the renovation status, I had a very relaxing schedule in Penang. With ample time to spare, I took over sister-in-law's kitchen to prepare dinner for the family to ease her busy working schedules.

Frankly, I have not been cooking for a long long time. In fact, ever since we moved back from Auckland and with Auntie Lan back to live with us and taking over my kitchen, I have not been using the wok spatula for quite some time already.

In the hope to prepare good meals for dad, I regained the passion to try out new dishes again. I found this simple and easy recipe via Facebook.

Coca-Cola Chicken Wings (可乐鸡翅). Yes, no kidding, this recipe only uses the famous Coca-Cola soft drink and soya sauce as main ingredients with no water added in. I also wish to clarify that this is not a Western cuisine, even though Coca-Cola is originated from the USA, Coca-Cola Chicken is one of the famous Chinese dishes in Southern China.

Well, this is another good example of the East meets West fusion.

The use of Coca-Cola with high sugar content easily caramelized and tenderized the chicken, leaving a sweet, sticky and glazed appearance on the chicken wings.

It might not be a top pick in a healthy menu list for dad but it was a sure winner for the kids and party menu. In fact, I must admit to a certain extent, it was tastier than the traditional soya sauce chicken.

Coca-cola Chicken Wings

8-10 chicken wings ( cut into drummettes and wings, you can also use drumsticks )
1 tin of Coca- Cola ( not recommended to use diet coke)
1-2 tbsp. Soya sauce ( to your own taste)
1tbsp. dark soya sauce ( to your own taste)
1 tbsp. Chinese   Shaoxing cooking wine ( optional)

1-2 pieces of Star Anise, cinnamon sticks
Few slices of ginger
Few stalks of green onions, cut the white section into 2-3 cm long, the green leaves chopped

MARINADE: (best more than half an hour )
1 tsp. of salt
1 tsp of Sesame oil
1 tbsp of Shaoxing cooking wine (optional)
Dash of pepper

  1. Clean wings, pat dry with kitchen towels and score them symmetrically on both sides set aside.
  2. brownchickenwings_collage
  3. Place the cleaned chicken wings into a basin, and add the marinade seasoning and half of the green onion sections and ginger slices. Mix well, and leave to marinate for half an hour.
  4. Heat wok with some cooking oil, brown the chicken wings for a minute, dish up and set a side.
  5. Pour out the excess cooking oil leaving just one tbsp. of cooking  oil in the wok and sauté the left over sliced ginger, green onion and spices in the wok until fragrant.
  6. cocacola_chicken_collage
  7. Add the browned chicken wings and stir well.
  8. Pour in 3/4 tin of Coke and 2 tbsp. of soya sauce and dark soya sauce and stir well.
  9. Cover it and simmer over medium heat for 25 minutes.
  10. cokechicken_collage
  11. When chicken is done and turned into caramel color and drying up, add a tbsp. of cooking wine and stir evenly. Turn off the heat,  transfer chicken wings to a serving platter and serve.




  1. 将清洗过的鸡翅厨房纸巾轻轻拍干,倒在盆里,加入腌料和一半的葱节和姜切片拌匀腌半小时。
  2. 炒锅烧热放一些食用油,把鸡翅炒匀煎黄一分钟,盛起备用。
  3. 倒出多余的食用油,剩下一汤匙在炒锅,加入姜片,葱花和香料炒香。
  4. 待香味, 加入鸡翅炒匀。倒入3/4瓶可乐和调味料 2汤匙酱油和黑酱油炒匀试味。
  5. 加盖,中火煮25分钟,当鸡熟了,变成焦糖色并开始干起来添加一个汤匙料酒,搅拌均匀后,关火,


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