Sunday, April 2, 2017

Calamansi Juice Concentrate 桔子浓缩果汁

 After resuming the 9-5 working life, I hardly spent much time in taking care of my garden. However, my 5 years old calamansi tree never seems to fail me by continuing fruit abundantly.  Calamansi is Limau Kasturi in Malay or 桔子in Chinese.  We couldn’t seem to consume the fruits fast enough to cope with its ripening rate. Rather than letting them simply rot and went to waste, I had to harvest them and shared with neighbours and friends.

When I passed a bag of these little citrus fruits to my Sister-in-law who lives in Penang, she taught me a great way to preserve them into concentrated juice that can be kept in the fridge and can be easily consumed as and when we want. What I like most is, it is a very simple way to make. The recipe ratio for making this juice concentrate is 1:3, i.e. one part of juice and three parts of sugar. For my first attempt I used white sugar.  In my 2nd batch I replaced white sugar with brown sugar instead as some claimed brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. If brown sugar is used, the colour of the juice concentrate becomes darker and looks like honey instead of light golden colour as shown below.


You can also check out my old post of Calamansi Sour Plum Juice, to learn how to make fresh Calamansi juice with Sour plum, another great thirst quenching beverage that you will yarn to have in the hot summer. Calamansi is a member of the citrus fruits family.  It is high in Ascorbic Acid or vitamin C content and best known for its healing effect to soothe the throat, a great natural cure for sore throat.

Now, at home my fridge is always ready with 1-2 bottles of this juice extract and by mixing 1 to 2 table spoons of the juice extract, we get to serve a glass of healthy soothing fruit juice with no artificial colouring and preservative, let’s cheer to that! J
Calamansi Juice Concentrate
Calamansi lime ( Limau Kasturi) juice – 1 bowl,
Sugar – brown sugar or white sugar – 21/2 to 3 bowl (To your liking)
Pasteurised bottle to store the juice
1.     Wash lime, halve the lime, remove seeds and squeeze juice out into a bowl.

2.     Measure sugar using the same size of bowl with ratio of 1:3

3.     Pour juice into pot, add in sugar and stir well and cook in low medium heat.

4.     Once the sugar fully melts into juice turn off heat and let it cool before bottle the juice and keep in fridge.

Make sure no seed get into the juice else it made the juice turns bitter.

桔子汁 1碗,
- 红糖或白糖 -  21/23碗(随你喜好)

1.     清洗桔子,将桔子切一半,取出种子,将果汁挤出一碗。
2.     使用相同尺寸的碗,比例为13测量糖
3.     将果汁倒入锅中,加入糖并搅拌均匀,中低温煮至糖融化。
4.     一旦糖完全融化成浓缩果汁关闭火,让它冷却,然后瓶装进消毒瓶子
5.     并保存在冰箱里


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