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Calamansi Sour Plum Juice 桔子酸梅汁

Let’s squeeze and Zest up!

Calamansi or Calamondin or Limau Kasturi (in Malay) or 桔子(in Chinese) is a hybrid of lime and orange belonging to the citrus family. Its size is much smaller than lime. Calamansi is best grown in warm weather and is widely found in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

One and a half year ago, at only RM5, I bought this Calamansi tree in a small pot from a nearby garden nursery and planted it in my vegetable garden. It grew healthily in the garden since then. However, it seemed like ages to see it flower and bear fruits. At the beginning of this year, my neighbour helped me to fertilise the plant with fertiliser that was supposed to encourage plants to flower. After this application, the plant still did not flower as much as we anticipated. It only produced a few flowers and I only managed to harvest one fruit at the end. L
I was kind of disappointed but nevertheless I continued watering it and twice a month applied normal poultry manure fertiliser. Finally, a month ago, we were overwhelmed to see it flowered and produced abundant fruits!  
Calamansi Tree life cycle

 While writing this post I did some research on Calamansi tree. Then only I realised Calamansi tree typically takes 2 years after planting to fruit. This fact, matched exactly with the timing of my tree, which has been nearly 2 years since I planted it.  It’s the time for it to flower and fruit.
Calamansi is one of the most common citrus used in Southeast Asian cuisines. In Malaysia, Calamansi (Limau Kasturi) juice is one of the key ingredients added in Sambal belacan and used in Nyonya Food. Other than using its acidity as a natural preservative additive to food, it is also great for making drinks.

Calamansi juice, as a drink, makes one of the best thirst-quenchers. It is best to consume during a heat wave. Even though Calamansi juice tastes acidic and sour but when consumed, they are alkalizing to the stomach, which helps in weight loss and detoxification.  Similar to its citrus family members, Calamansi is rich in vitamin C too and is great for skin whitening.

 Seeing the abundant fruits on the tree, I couldn’t wait to harvest them to make one of my favourite fruit juices which I often order when we dine out.  It’s called Calamansi sour plum juice.

Calamansi juice is one of the popular beverages that is easily available in Malaysia eatery shop.  It is very soothing to the throat, quench thirst and a great remedy for sore throat. This drink also helps digestion and is known for relieving the symptoms of gout.  So, if you happen to get them at your local veggie shop, do give them a squeeze and drink up! It’s a great substitute for lemonade!  
Calamansi Sour Plum Juice 桔子酸梅汁

Calamansi Sour Plum Juice

Calamansi lime ( Limau Kasturi), 3 pieces
Dried salted Sour Plum 2 pieces
Sugar 2 tbsp. (To your liking)
Drinking water
1.    Wash lime, halve the lime, remove seeds, squeeze juice out into glass.
2.    Use back the limes from step 1, added into blender, add drinking water, water level just to cover lime and start to blend.(make sure limes  properly deseed, else juice will be bitter)
3.    Filter juice out from blender; pour into the glass stir with the juice from 1.
4.    Dissolve 2 tablespoon sugar, and soak 2 pieces of dried sour plum in 150 cc warm water.
5.    Pour juice into glass, add in ice cube mix and stir well.
6.    Time to enjoy your refreshing Calamansi Sour Plum Juice !

Do not add ice if you are drinking to cure the sore throat or drive cold away.

糖, 2汤匙。(随你喜好)

4。另一各杯将2汤匙糖, 2粒咸酸梅加入150毫升温水中浸泡搅拌备用。



  1. Howdy Yin! Are you back in Malaysia already? Moving back? Just curious! >o<
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Hi Kristy:
      Yes, back to Malaysia for nearly 2 years already.
      We would like our son to get Chinese education for his primary school here before going back to Auckland.

  2. Hi, this is so refreshing especially during the current hot weather.

    1. Hi Ivy:
      Nice to have you here and you are absolutely right, this drink so soothing during heat wave.

  3. Hi yin,
    I introduced this drink to my french in-laws and they loved it! Thanks for your recipes, now i knoa how to make them at home:)

  4. Sylvia:
    You are most welcome.
    Since you are back in Malaysia, can try to plant your own too!

    I hope your in-laws enjoys their stay in Malaysia and do encourage them to try out every Nyonya food in Malaysia before they return to France.

  5. halo, i want to know for the step 2, "2. Add limes into blender, add drinking water, water level just to cover lime and start to blend."

    The limes are the one used in step 1 or it is using the new lime?

  6. Hi Lee Wai Chung:
    Yes, use back the same limes from step 1. The key is to ensure no seeds to be blended, else your lime juice will be bitter.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. where can I get the plant in Auckland? or you have some seeds lying around?

  8. Hi K Leong:
    For the fruit, you can try your luck over Simply Fresh chain shop in Auckland or equivalent Asian grocery shops.

  9. Hi Yin,

    Thanks. I will try out once I head down to Auckland next. BTW, I tried to go down to a few Asian shops in Auckland and they don't sell Limau Kasturi. The closest is big fruit lime.

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