Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Custard Fluffy Bread 卡士达超软土司

Back in Action with my little desktop Oven  

After 3 weeks of cleaning up and tidying up the house which we had abandoned for the last 2 years, I was relieved to announce that the house is now decent to stay in. At last I'm back in action and here I'm to introduce to you my Malaysian Kitchen! J

While housekeeping I was happy to discover a desktop oven from the store room which I got from a lucky draw some years ago from the annual dinner of my ex-company. This oven is so new and was hardly used at all. The oven was left in the storeroom as I was not into baking at all before I moved to Auckland. However, now it is time to put it to good use!

For the first few attempts, this desktop oven was not so pleasant to use. My first batch of bread and muffins were not well cooked. I deduced it was mainly due to the oven size and the power setting affecting the baking time. In addition, the aluminium baking ware which I bought here might also cause some minor difference. I was a bit disappointed with the results and was skeptical to use it again.

2 weeks ago, a good friend from Auckland helped to bring back some of my non-stick baking ware and cook books I had been using in Auckland. Last Sunday, Mother's day, I tried out Tanzhong whole meal bread with the loaf tin brought back from Auckland and took account of the longer baking time after learning from the first few failed attempts, I was thrilled that my second attempt of bread making with this small desktop was a success! I shared some of this whole meal bread with my neighbour and was given a thumb up J

With warm temperature all year round in Malaysia, baking bread is so much easier as the bread dough proof so much faster. Within an hour I had a beautifully raised dough. It could never be done in such a short time in Auckland. Looks like this little desktop oven is good enough for me to continue my baking interest!

Sharing below is another variation of super soft Tangzhong toast bread adapted from famous Taiwanese bakery Guru – 孟老师100道面包. This custard bread was so soft and fluffy beyond words to describe. Just give it a try it and I bet you will give a big thumb up for it too!

Custard Fluffy Bread 卡士达超软土司 featured in Group Recipes 27/05/2011


A: Custard Tangzhong(Water Roux Starter )

1 egg yolk
65 ml Milk
10g caster sugar
15g High grade flour


Mixed all A ingredients in a small pot, use egg beater to stir well, bring to stove at low heat, stir until form traces. Remove from heat and let it cool at room temperature (1 hour) before use or Wrap mixture with plastic wrap and leave in refrigerator overnight.

250g high grade/protein flour (Bread Flour )
(I ran out of high protein flour, I had only 200g, I replaced with 50g whole meal flour)
30g caster Sugar
1tsp (5g) Instant Dry Yeast
½ tsp Salt
100 ml water

25g melted unsalted butter

  1. Pour bread flour into mixing bowl; add in the rest of ingredients A. However, avoid having the salt come in direct contact with the yeast which might dehydrate and kill the yeast.
  2. Add in ingredients B and use spatula to mix the dough until the dough was too sticky to move then start using hands to knead the dough in the mixing bowl.
  3. Initially, you will experience very gluey dough, just continue to mangling with the dough, after 10 minutes it will gradually firm up.
  4. Once the dough firm up, you can start to knead the dough on a clean, smooth surface that's at a comfortable height. I did not flour the surface, the more I knead the dough the less sticky the dough became.
  5. It took me at least another 10-15 minutes to knead to transform the initial glob of gooey dough into smooth dough which ready for the final ingredient C.
  6. Check to evaluate on the gluten development of the dough before adding in butter. The dough should be stretchy.
  7. Place the dough back into mixing bowl and pour in melted butter, knead to combine.
  8. Be prepared to deal with oily dough for another 5 minutes before the butter totally blend in.
  9. Once the dough was not so oily, move back to kneading surface and continues to knead until forming smooth and elastic dough. (It took me about 10-15 minutes)
  10. Test by pulling the dough, stretchable to reach the stage of thin sheet and not easily breaks off, the dough is ready for its first rises.
  11. Once the dough double in size (Finger test – Poke finger into center of the dough and depression not rise up, dough fully proof ) punch it a few times to deflate it (using hand knuckles)
  12. Divide dough into 3 equal portions and shape them into balls. Covered and leave them to rest 15 minutes.
  13. Shape each into an oval shape. Place them into a greased loaf pan, covered with greased plastic wrap and leave dough to proof for 2nd time.
  14. Preheat oven 180°C and bake for 30 minutes. Instead of using egg wash, I spray the bread dough with water before I place the loaf pan into the center of the oven.
  15. To avoid over burnt crust, after 15-20 minutes of baking, I cover the loaf tin with lid, you can also lightly cover the bread and continue to bake until the required time.



B:高粉250克,细砂糖30克,盐1/2 茶匙,干酵母5克 (1小茶匙),


將B材料放入攪拌盆,要把酵母和糖、鹽分開放。以免脫水。再加入材料 A,后用将面粉攪拌成团,直到面团太粘,才开始用双手揉面团。


但坚持搓下去,5分钟后,一旦面团没那么油腻,回迁台面揉面至光滑,富有弹性可扩展阶段的面团。把揉好的面团放入干净的容器中,跟着用保鲜膜盖好,作第一次发酵,至面团发大两倍。(手指测试 - 将手指戳下面团中心起不来,就证明面团充分发酵)


  1. Welcome back, Yin! Good to see u back in action :) I'm also getting lazy after returning from my vacation. Hahaha!

  2. Shirley:
    Thanks, good to be back :-P
    Hope to have all your supports again.

  3. hoollaaa Yin-ha

    sorry for being late dropping in...jus caught up with some writing projects...

    so i guess you're up on your feet and you've really got your arms around baking bread now. this one looks super yummy and i'm flagging this...God knows when i'll start my first bread...hope Ray and husband keeping well.

  4. Welcome back my friend! Another great bake from you, it's so fluffy....

  5. Welcome back!!Looks like an interesting oven. The bread turned out fabulous! Glad to see you back in action!

  6. yin, i want to try to make this bread, it looks like you 16 step that i need to follow your instruction (i;m a new baker) can you check step 3, is does not have any instruction, step 1,2 then go to step 4.
    Thank You

  7. Dear Anonymous :
    I'm glad that you'r interested in following this recipe. To clarify, I've edit the photo to skip the numbering to allow you have better understanding on the step by step. The step 4 before was meant for step 3.
    Good luck in your trying and do update me on your result.

  8. Thank You Yin, I will try to bake sometime this weekend, will let you know the result.
    Thanks for sharing your recipes.
    Yin, i followed your instruction to bake pork roast, i baked yesterday for my family dinner, it was so GGGGoooodddd, everybody love it, great recipes.
    Thanks again.

  9. Anonymous:
    You have made my day!Yup, that roast pork sure is my signature dish :-P
    Thanks for your supports again, I highly recommend this bread too. This loaf of bread has became our regular bread which I made at least twice a week.
    Try to mix with wholemeal flour more healthy.

  10. I have to say "Thanks" to you Yin, my hubby & 2 boys are so happy with your roast pork, i'm a new baker, i still dont believed i made it.
    Yin, for this bread, should i use the BF & wholemeal flour exactly like your, please advise.
    You have a great day tomorrow.

  11. Anonymous:
    Yes, you can follow my way in mixing the 200g BF and 50g WMF, in fact you can also add more WMF if you like but texture might not be that soft as WMF tends to be heavier.

  12. Thanks Yin, will let you know the result.

  13. Yin, i just finished knead this bread about 1/2 hr ago, i follow all your instruction,, my dough was perfect until i added 25 gram melted butter, my dough it became so wet, it does not matter how long i knead on KA stand mixer, end up i had to add 3 more TBP BF then my dough was ok, what did i do wrong Yin, can you please give me some advise.
    Thank You,

  14. Anonymous:

    There are few factors that might cause dough a bit wet.
    1) Tangzhong (starter) - Better effect if leave overnight before mixing in with dough. (I had wet dough experience if I follow original recipe of asking to leave 1 hr before use.)

    2)Sometime we can't reply 100% on recipe measurements. Scale might give variation. Hence, we need to use own judgement and regard the recipe as basis and fine tune accordingly.

    3) Don't pour all the water/milk/butter in one go but slowly add in. If you find the dough is a bit too wet then don't continue to pour in the water. I'm using hand knead so I know the texture of the dough.

    No worry, sometimes I get to have wet dough too.
    Adding flour into the wet dough is right solution to it.

    However even though wet dough hard to knead and can't make nice oval shape but you get very soft and fluffy bread.

    What I can say, you learn from experience and the more you do it the more you will fine tune the recipe to fit your way.

    I hope to see your bread come out to be fluffy and yummy. Do you have any blog for me to view that? BTW, what's your name?

  15. Hi Yin, my name is Anne, i just finished bake this bread, i cant waited to try so even bit hot, i still got a big piece to eat, OMG, it is so "Good", moist, fluffy, my son took a lot of pics, how can i send it to you so you can see it, it just like from the Chinese bakery, i cant believe your recipe with instruction was so easy to made (just a bit wet dough, but remember, i'm a new baker), will try to do it again this weekend & follow your advise.
    Yin, i dont have any blog.
    Thanks Yin,

  16. Anne:
    Bravo! Congratulation on your 1st loaf of bread! Really happy hear that.
    You can try upload the photo to free photo hosting website like picasa, photobucket then share out the link. By doing this way, you can also show off your success to your friends and relatives :-P

  17. ok Yin, let me ask my hubby if he can do that for me, i'm not that good on computer, i will post my roasted pork i baked 2 nights ago also.
    By the way, i just finished making 2nd time of this good bread, followed your advise, bingo, my dough was perfect, not wet or dry, i just reduced bit of butter.
    Thanks again Yin.

  18. Yin, i have few pictures of this bread & roasted pork, please click on this link:http://photobucket.com/anhtv

  19. Dear Anne:
    Wow! Those breads looks awesome! Especially the buns, you shaped them well! I left comments on your photo.
    Get busy with those skillful hands of yours, your nearby bread shops is going to loose another customer for sure! :-)

  20. Thanks Yin, i'm now addicted to this bread, i think i have been baked 4 times, love this moist bread, fluffy bread, Thanks for sharing great recipes Yin.
    You have a wonderful day tomorrow.

  21. Yin, i just baked this bread again, this time, to me, it is better than last, please see my pics on http://s1233.photobucket.com/albums/ff383/anhtv2011/

  22. Hi, can I know what is the size of your loaf pan that you used in this recipe? Thanks!

    1. Hi Strawberry cake:
      Thanks for visitng my blog, hope you like it.
      The non stick bread pan I used in this post is 8" x 4"x 4", a gift from my friend who bought it at Briscoes, Auckland.



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