Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homemade Lo See Fun 自制老鼠粉/米台目

Home-made authentic Hakka Cuisine- Part two

Writing the Hakka Lo See Fun (Rice Pin noodles) with Minced Pork post reminded me this great noodle making experience I had in 2009 when I first moved to Auckland.

When we first shifted to Auckland, we were blessed to have a group of Auckland based Malaysian friends' support to ease our settling down. Many of them were JS University mates who migrated years before us. With their help, our transition was painless and swift. I was especially thankful to build up good friendships with their wives. The wives gang had helped ease my anxiety. I was able to connect to a new social network in New Zealand in no time.

Among of them, Yenny was one of the warmest and most generous friends we made in Auckland. With her hospitality, we put up at her house as our initial accommodation until we moved to our rented house 2 weeks later. She was also the one who always came up with great ideas in celebrating big occasions and generously offered her house to host families gathering. I regarded her as wives' club Chairlady. :-P

This recipe was shared by her when she initiated a cooking gathering at our Auckland house in welcoming me to join the wives club. I had enjoyed so much in this noodle making process, not only we had great bonding time,

Yenny the Chef (in Pink) and her 3 kitchen helpers - Yin, WC and PY
I got to taste the homemade Lo See Fun which was not available in Auckland. Some other types of rice noodle like Hor Fun (Koey Teoh) 粿条, Lai Fun (濑粉 )are easily available in Asian grocery shops in Auckland but not Lo See Fun (老鼠粉/米台目).

After some sweating out, it was time to sit down and enjoyed the noodles with my Penang Assam Laksa soup.



2 packets Rice flour (500g/packet)
1 packet and 1 rice bowl Tapioca starch
1 rice bowl wheat flour

1 rice bowl cooking oil
2 rice bowls hot water
2 rice bowls water (room temperature)

  1. Place A in a large mixing bowl and mixed well.
  2. Gradually add in cooking oil, hot water and cold water and stir well and knead to form rice dough.
  3. With the help of JS's strong hands
  4. Boil a big pot of hot water, using a potatoes press/ ricer press rice dough into rice pin shapes and add into the hot boiling water.
  5. Once rice pin floats on surface, the noodle is cooked. Use a strainer to dish up and place into a pot of cold water.
  6. Drain up the noodle from the cold water and mix with cooking oil to prevent the rice noodles from sticking together.
  7. Separate into bags and refrigerator, it may last for a week. For longer storage, keep in Freezer compartment.
To have fresh noodles texture, is ok to leave outside on the day made. If not consume within 24 hours then only keep in refrigerator.







3。煮一大锅热水,用土豆挤压器/挤压面团成针形状。假如没有挤压器, 就用手把面团搓成细长型,然后一粒粒的拉断它,让它看来有老鼠粉的样子后,直接挤到滚水里的锅内煮。传统





  1. I find the Lo See Fun in Brisbane is quite hard, Sydney has better one. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'm going to try this to impress my Malaysian husband. Homemade food is the best as you know what's in the ingredient.

  2. OMG, thanks so much for posting this recipe. I've been wanting to make this since a long time ago. Though, there's fresh LSF available in the market everyday. I still wanted to try this out. Looks so much fun! Btw, Yin if you came across someone from Ipoh in Aucklanad. Her name is Siew Fun (40+). A mother of two girls and her hubby was the ex-Genting accountant. Please do inform her. We lost contact since 3 years ago after she shifted to Auckland. Thanks so much.
    Hope you're having a great day.

  3. Veronica:
    Yup, you are right homemade food is always better and much more healthier. Furthermore this is the best way to show love affection to your love ones ;-P

    I'm sorry but I had moved back from Auckland so can't help you in locating your friend. But I have friends over there will pass the info on and try the luck.

  4. thanks for the recipe! issit okay to knead the dough with a standmixer?

  5. Kimberly;
    Yes, of coz you can, also a good way to avoid getting mascular arms :-P

  6. This looks like fun, Yin! I love having cooking sessions with friends to. What a great way to bond!

  7. YP, No problem at all. I'm please to have a kind hearted friend like you.

    Other Ladies, Happy to share this home made recipe to you all. Am a Malaysian-Bruneian been living in overseas for 10 years, therefore, once I got any Asian's local recipe...I will try out and serve my friend and theri families to feel like at home when I host any occassion.

    Happy Cooking!!

  8. How great to have friends like this around esp when you are trying to settle at a new place.

    This noodle is so easily available at Malaysia and suppose this is one of the joy of living at Malaysia, enjoying the abundant food available.

  9. wow you actually made the noodles!! very interesting! thnx for sharing!

  10. Was surfing the internet and found your blog. Wow..thanks for posting the LSF recipe. The LSF here is just so-so! Gonna try it soon. Awesome blog! Keep up the good work!

  11. Dear quiet baker:
    I checked up your blog, your mee goreng looks so delicious and tempting! I can see you are busy covering Malaysia street food in your blog too!:-P

    Try to leave comments but failed. Thanks for visiting my blog hope to see you again.

  12. I'm craving for 老鼠粉suddenly and wondering where can I buy it or how to make it myself, and came across your blog! I should start trying to make this myself as 老鼠粉 is always my favourite no matter how to cook it. I'm even happier to know that you're in Auckland! I'm in New Plymouth. Hope we could have chance to meet and have a cooking session together sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Yeat Fiou:

    Great to have another Malaysian to visit my blog. Understand you previously from Subang Jaya.
    Heard about New Plymouth, but we didn't stop over when we went for our grand NZ tour begining of the year before we moved back to KL again.
    No worry, will be back and might be able to have that cooking session again.

    Hope you enjoy trying on this recipe and do continue to drop by.

  14. may i know how big is your rice bowl?

    1. Hi there:
      It was those standard chinese rice bowl. As long as you use the same bowl for all your ingredients the measurement should be ok.

    2. Hi Yin

      Is one packet of the tapiaco starch same as the rice flour 500 gm also? I try to get a packet of rice flour in Auckland for 500gm/pkt but most of it is 400 gm/pkt. Shall I adjust the recipe?

      Thank you.

    3. Hi Babel:
      yes, the measurement same with rice flour. Since the tapiaco starch you need one packet plus one rice bowl, I suppose you need to buy 2 packets of tapiaco starch for that portion anyway.
      Hope you have a successful attempt.

  15. Thank you for sharing the above recipe. I have been searching for this for years. Like you said in western countries (USA) lo see fun is hard to come by. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to share this recipe. You've just cured my craving.

    Thank you once again. I will try it tomorrow.

    1. Ruby:
      Thanks, nice to know my little food sharing gets to help. I hope to see you back with your comment on your tryout. Keep me posted.

  16. Hello, My name is 福澤, a japanese currently running a Malaysia Rstaurant (Shop name is "Malay Chan". I'm impressed with your blog. I would like to know where can I find the machine which u used in step 3 (Boil a big pot of hot water, using a potatoes press/ ricer press rice dough into rice pin shapes and add into the hot boiling water.) I would be apreciate if you can tell me where I can buy the patatoes press/ ricer in Malaysia? With it, I would like to promote 老鼠粉 to japanese people.

    I am looking for your reply.


    My email is

    1. Dear Furukawa San:

      Nice to have you visit my blog.Thanks for efforts in trying to promote our traditional food to your people.

      For the potato press, you can get in in Ikea for RM49.90
      However, you can also try your luck in those shops which sell kitchen utentil.

  17. Is wheat flour same as plain flour?

    1. Hi there, both are made from wheat. However, plain or white flour or all purpose flour are bleached flour.
      Don't mixed up with whole wheat flour and wheat flour. Not recommend to use whole wheat flour for this noodles making, it too dense and low gluten.

  18. 您好。。为什么我做了,口感不好?滑而没弹性,入口后,会有黏黏的???

  19. Hi Ken,
    自制老鼠粉没有放Alkaline Water 硼砂之类所以是会没有外面卖的那么弹性。



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