Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pandan Bread 班兰香草面包

Since I resumed my baking hobby, I gave myself a target to explore at least one new baking recipe a week. Below is another bread recipe I adapted from a new local bread making cook book I bought recently.

This recipe used one of the local plants, Pandan to enhance the bread flavour. Pandan a.k.a. Screwpine, is a common tropical plant widely used in Southeast Asian cooking. The natural green coloring extracted from Pandan leaves and the characteristic of its aroma is especially useful for enhancing the color and flavour in cooking especially in dessert making.  Other than as a flavour, the pandan leaves can be used to wrap savory dishes and weaved into handicrafts. Visit my previous dessert recipe Kuih Talam and Kaya posts, which featured the use of pandan leaves as one of the ingredients.
While in New Zealand, the cold weather wasn’t conducive for growing Pandan plant and I could only go for frozen pandan leaves or Pandan essence/paste to get its flavor in cooking. Now in Malaysia, I can easily find this plant grown in my neighbourhood garden.  They grow so easily and wildly in this country. Whenever I wish to use a piece or two, I just need to ask from my neighbour and they would generously share with me. 

For this Pandan bread recipe, I again hand kneaded the bread dough. If you are a follower of my blog, you would know I hand kneaded all my bread dough. This time, I reckon it would be much more effective to show a video clip of my hand kneading process.

I must admit hand kneading is quite a tiring process. In fact, I’ve been considering getting a good stand mixer but held back by the low frequency of my usage as a branded mixer such as Kitchen Aids can be really expensive in Malaysia. On the other hand a cheaper mixer is not powerful enough for dough mixing. L
If you have any good mid budget range mixers to recommend (powerful enough for dough mixing), please drop me a line. Thanks.

Pandan  Bread


350g High Protein Flour/bread flour
5g milk powder
2.5g bread improver (I omitted)

50g caster sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. (6g) instant yeast
30g egg ( I use whole egg – 50g)
200ml water (I use milk and cut down to 150ml, since I use whole egg)
5-6 drops of Pandan paste  
(cut fresh pandan leaves as many as you have into pieces add with little water and user blender or mortar to pound and filter to get paste, can store up to 2 weeks in fridge)

30g butter
150g raisins -soak for 1 hour, drain (I omitted)
(D) Custard Filling – (method  here)
2 tablespoon custard powder
3/4 cup fresh milk
3 tablespoons sugar

1)      Combine all B and add in A in a mixing bowl and mix and knead into dough.
2)      Once form smooth dough, add in Ingredient C butter and continue to knead the dough until dough develops into elastic form.
3)      Add in soaked raisins and mix well. ( I omitted this step)
4)      Cover dough with cling wrap and let them rise till double in volume, about 80mins.
5)      Test the dough by finger test, if impressions remain, dough is proofed.
6)      Remove dough and punch down to remove trapped air as your knead; let the dough rest for 15mins.
7)      Divide dough into 60g balls and place in a greased round baking tin
8)      Cover with cling wrap, let dough go thru 2nd proof for 60mins or until the dough double the size.
9)      Pipe custard filling in between bread, brush with egg wash.
10)   Bake at preheated oven at 180-190 degree C for about 20-25mins.
11)   Remove from oven and unmold immediately.


A)     主面团

B)      细砂糖40克,
干酵母6 (1小匙)
鸡蛋30克(我用全蛋 - 50G
C)      20

D)     吉士浆 - (做法在

3)加入浸泡过的葡萄干拌匀。 (我省略这一步,没放)
10)预热烤箱在180-190摄氏度,烤盘放在烤箱中间,烤约20 - 25分钟。


  1. hey your posts haven't been displaying in my window. you can post a complaint with Blogger. in fact i was thinking of dropping by and motivating you to post!!!

    heard lots about pandan. something so exotic for us...didn know it's called screwpine. you seem to an expert in bread baking. am yet to bake one ;p it looks absolutely delectable!!

    1. Thoma:
      Thanks for your support again. I'm trying my best to keep posting but still finding hard to catch up saying hi to the rest.

  2. Great video dear! Bread looks so fluffy and you had done it like a pro!

    1. T&T:
      Thanks. Still long way to learn to be a pro. :-P

  3. Looks delicious, I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe!

    1. Hi Eric:
      Thanks for following my blog and looking forward for more recipe sharing with you too.

  4. Hi,
    I have been following your blog for awhile and i think it's time to drop a line to say thank you.
    I love how your bread turn out. I was baking a brioche the otherday, knead by hand (600gm of flour).. it was really hard work..definitely a good mixer would save time and energy.
    Regards from France,

    1. Hi Sylvia:

      Wow, good effor in kneading that much of dough, so far, I dare not knead more than 500g flour, really tiring.

      I must thank you in return in following me. Hope you enjoy my recipes so far.

  5. Pandan bread looks so good I definitely should try! I have a Sunbeam bread machine and it's a joy to use because it so easy. It costs around $130 new and I have used it to knead dough for pizza, pasta and even pan mee :)

  6. TQ. I was also consider whether to get a bread machine or a stand mixer since my intention is to knead dough and more for bread making. Furthermore, bread machine has the proofing function too.

  7. Your pandan bread looks delicious and this is something I will definitely have to try out soon!

    1. Hi Nik Sharma:
      Thanks. Great to have you dropping by. Just love your blog and those great photo in it.

  8. If it is of Help I bought a Krups Powermix which comes with all accessories, smaller and powerful enough to do excellent service bread making. After having a Kenwood I would highly recommend you to look at the Krups

    1. Hi Ian:
      Thanks for your suggestion. I do know Krups is good brand too but difficult to find here in Malaysia.
      Anyway, just saw Groupon offer on a local brand stand mixer, I will give a try since the price is reasonable for its features. Finger corss for its durability.

    2. We all enjoy the Pandan bread but without the filling. IT was tricky to chop the pandan and make into a usable product. Thankyou very much. PS I bought the Krups in Australia when I was there

    3. Hi Ian:
      Good to hear from you again. So pleased to know you tested the recipe and enjoy it.
      As for the Pandan paste, another way is to blend with water, filter and leave it overnight. The next morning you will notice the concentrated pandan extract at bottom layer, pour away the upper layer water and you get to have the pandan paste. Much easier to squeeze the chopped pandan, however this method you need to prepare one or two days in advance.

  9. Hi, currently trying this recipe. I found out that 1 tsp of instant yeast is only around 3.2 grams, so do we need as much as 6 grams of it? I measured out 6 grams and now the dough is rising extremely fast (might double in size in 30-40 mins)@@

    1. Hi Ying:
      I didnt really weight on 1tsp but if you found that the yeasts might be too much then you can reduce a bit. However, for that quantity of flour I used to use about 5-6g of yeast is about right.
      I suppose the brand of yeast might also made the different.

      So how was the result? Hope to hear from you.

    2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. The bread turned out very soft and fluffy :D Though the proofing time is much less than yours, around 30-40mins for each rise. Used mauripan instant yeast btw. I tried out your version of potato bread too, and they were so nice and fluffy too. My family loves it very much. Thanks for all the nice recipes :D

    3. Hi Ying:
      So please to know the bread turned out to be good and your family love it!
      Ok, let me see whether I can locate the yeast that you mentioned in my nearby bakery ingredient shop. That proofing speed is really fast.

  10. Hi Yin

    I wud like to try this recipe, kindly advise why did you omit the bread improver. I though bread improver (Super tex)is made of dry gluten, modified starch, bread flour, soya flour, panzyme and levening agents. Are compositions no good for consumption that why you omitted?

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Priscilla:
      Nice to have you here. Thanks for sharing the content of the bread improver, frankly I have no ideas of it contents.

      The reason I omitted was I didn't have it on hand, furthermore I was a bit skeptical in using it as homemade bread formula we do not use it.

      I was told bread get even softer and last longer when adding this additive so you can follow the recipe in using it.

  11. Yes, hand kneading is definitely tiring! I'm using a BOSCH kitchen mixer. It does kneading job wonderfully! This 550Wmachine can knead 500g bread flour in 20minutes. You can see all sorts of bread I used to make bread with this machine. View

    1. Hi Justina Wang :
      Great to have you drop by my blog. If not the distance problem will sure sign up your class to learn more on bread making!
      I love your horse shape chocolate bread!
      Gong Xi Fa chai to you and family!



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