Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 Tropical Garden

My Malaysian garden experience

After taking a year to settle in with the job and a massive house make over renovation since we came back from Auckland in April 2011, in March 2012 I started to indulge in my gardening hobby again. I missed my Auckland garden ! (click to view my Kiwi gardening experience)

With the latest layout, all our back yard had been merged to be part of our constructed dwelling whilst 90% of our front yard was tiled up. We were only left with a tiny patch of soil which hubby preferred to keep for planting soft carpet grass.

Showing a before and after look of the front yard after the renovation we made.

Before May 2011

December 2012

I was hardly left with any spare land to pursue gardening. For that reason, I was left with no choice but to explore cultivating the vacant land located opposite our house. Well, strictly speaking that vacant land belongs to our local council. Hopefully they wouldn't mind for me to use it. After all, I helped to transform a land of disarray into a productive vegetation land aligned with the "Go green" concept. J

It’s fortunate for me to stay in a neighbourhood full of gardening lovers. With their generous gift of seedlings and plant seeds I got off to a good start with my 2 bird eyes chilies (辣椒) plants in my little garden, then later came lemon grass, lady’s fingers/Okra seeds, mints (the plant which I left with my neighbour 2 years ago and now passed back to my caring) and water spinach/ water morning glory (Kangkung in Malay) 空心菜.

Shown below is my recent gardening experience in chronological order.

March 2012
The result of my 3 weekends of hard works in digging and plowing
My tropical garden

April 2012
If you wish to find out how to plant chili in cold climate check out my old post here

Bird eyes chili
Water Spinach/ Morning Glory - Kangkung 空心菜
This plant is super easy to plant. I planted straight with the roots that I cut off from the water spinach I bought from market, not with seeds.
Okra/lady's finger seedling


  1. Well done Pheow, looks like you transformed lallang land into a productive plot of land. What's up with guys "concreting" 90% of their garden? Wasn't it the wish to have a garden when purchasing the house ? Hahha..same with me so don't be too hard on hubby ok. Concrete and tiled gardens are the future.

    1. Heah:
      Thanks.I thought trend now is having garden on roof top instead. :-)



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