Sunday, September 11, 2011

Taro/Yam Paste Fillings 芋头馅料

Happy Moon Cake festival !
Next Monday in lunar calendar is 15th of the 8th month which marks a big day for the Chinese celebrating the Moon Cake Festival or Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节.  For those Chinese who celebrate this big occasion, moon cake is the main bakery product not to be missed. Moon cake is analogous to turkey for the Thanks Giving day or Christmas Day.
Since two months ago, I started to see assorted moon cakes ranging from traditional flavor Lotus paste moon cake to western flavor Cheesy Choc Oreo flooding the local market. Rather than the wide variety of fillings of the moon cakes, I was more attracted to their elegant and stylish moon cake boxes instead. These gift boxes are getting so much more ornamental to the point that they now become the deciding factor for the purchase rather than the delicacy element! These moon cakes were not sold cheap in the market.  I reckon a huge portion was attributed to the glossy packaging cost.

2 weeks ago, I started to make my first batch of homemade traditional baked moon cake 广式月饼. I used the same moon cake recipe given by Helen, one of my best cooking pals in New Zealand.  She shared that recipe with us when she demonstrated the making of homemade moon cake at my ex-Auckland home last year. Do click here for the recipe I posted last year.  

I was glad that it was much easier to find the necessary moon cake ingredients and mould in Malaysia. I got these moulds cheaply from a bakery supplies shop just minutes away from my house.

Last week, I made another batch of moon cakes, this time I tried out snow skin moon cake冰皮月饼 . This type of chilled moon cakes was much easier to make, no baking required. I opted for an easy way out by using a pack of readily mixed snow skin flour and by merely adding water and shortening, the skin dough would be ready. 

If you wish to make your own snow skin dough, click here for the recipe shared by Helen also. This time, I decided to make own moon cake fillings.  The following was the taro/yam paste fillings adapted from moon cake making video by Agnes Chang.    
I shared both types of my homemade moon cakes with my colleagues and I was pleased to receive good comments from them. The best voted mooncake was snowy moon cake with taro and melon seeds fillings ! J

I would like to dedicate this post to all my TWOA level 3 computing and cooking members: Alice, Doris, Helen, Jane, Jenny Wu, Jenny Yip, Julie, Lily, Linda, Vera, Penny, Julia and Ellen.

“I really miss those happy moments we had; taking turns to host the cooking and lunch sharing functions every Thursday. With this moon cake I would like to wish you all “
A Happy Moon Cake Festival! 祝你们中秋节快乐!


1kg Taro/Yam
400g sugar
180ml vegetable cooking oil


1.   Discard taro skin, try to get rid of the hard skin else paste will not be fine and smooth.
2.   Cut into pieces and steam until soft. Test the steamed taro by using a chopstick or fork if taro breaks easily, taro is cooked.
3.   Mash or blend the steamed taro when hot. If Taro gets cool down, mashed taro has more particles texture not so smooth.
4.   Blend until taro feels fine and smooth without particles feeling.
5.   Add in sugar and vegetable oil into a pot and cook over the stove.
6.   Stir and cook the mixture for about 15-20 minutes.
7.    When the mixture turns into dough form and not so sticky, paste is ready.
8.    Cool down and leave aside to serve as moon cake fillings.

Choose bigger Taro, the bigger the better. Test freshness of Taro by scribing the bottom of the taro, if powdery feeling the Taro is good.





  1. Oh, I've just made my 1st iced Mooncake this year. It is easier than I though and you can create different fillings which is fun. Would like to try the baked one next time. Happy Moon Festival!

  2. Veronica:
    Yes, you are right indeed that Snow skin moon cake is so much easier to make and I prefer them too then the baked one. :-)
    Happy Lantern day to you too!

  3. Wow, what gorgeous mooncakes u've got, Yin! Happy mooncake festival to u too! May u have a wonderful gathering with your family & friends tonight :)

    Yin, I've been into product reviews too lately. I hope to share my trials & honest opinions with my readers. Hope you'll like these posts as well & support me with your comments too. I thank u in advance!
    Here's my latest SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream Review, 一本の奇跡!

  4. Yin, your mooncakes look really nice. I also made some snowskin mooncakes with taro paste this time. The taro paste recipe is more or less the same as yours except that I add in some wheat starch. I find that the mooncake is nice after chilling for a few hours but overnight, the taro paste filling hardens. How about yours? Is the filling still nice and soft the next few days?

  5. Tammy:
    Thanks for your compliment it made my day :-)
    I did not have that problem on my taro paste. Mine could last for more than a week in fridge and still soft. I think yours firm up might due to wheat starch, maybe next time you try to reduce your wheat starch a bit then it won't firm up so quick.
    Hope to you see again. Happy cooking!

  6. ok...will use your DIY Taro paste and pray it will roll into a ball when cooled down. Have the phobia that after cooking will be soft....tks!

    1. If too soft try just place in fridge overnight and it will harden a bit for easy handling.

  7. can we use castor for the filling?



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