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Bubur Cha Cha 摩摩喳喳 - Featured in Group Recipes

What for afternoon tea? A bowl of famous Nyonya Dessert – Bubur Cha Cha
With our master chef around, we are not only getting to eat real "home" flavoured dinner, in weekend we get to enjoy authentic Malaysian desserts and snacks. The first on the list requested by hubby was Bubur Cha Cha.

This is one of the renowned Penang Nyonya desserts. Bubur is Malay word for porridge or congee, as for Cha Cha , no one seems to know how this name originated. However, my aunt shared this with us. She said this dessert is one of the main desserts serve on 15th day and last day of Chinese New Year especially by Hokkiens. In Penang Hokkien dialects, bubur cha cha is pronounced bubur che che – and "che che" means abundance or plentiful. So, it's considered auspicious to serve bubur cha cha to family and friends on that day.

This dessert is a sweet concoction with various types of sweet potatoes (the Kiwis call it Kumara), yam or taro, sago (Tapioca peals) and coconut milk (santan). Do try to use different types of sweet potatoes, to make the dessert more colourful. For healthy version you can change the coconut milk into evaporated milk instead, however you will miss the creamy coconut flavor. This dessert can be served warm or cold.

We steamed all sweet potatoes and taro until tender then added with boiled coconut milk. This way the kumara and taro would not be too mushy. Hubby loves the taste of sago, which is chewy and stretchy in its texture, so we were asked to put more sago. One of the common cooking habits of the older generation is that they tend to cook more, so we ended up with a huge pot. Well, this seemed to be good news to my friends who stayed around my neighbourhood J

Bubur Cha Cha  摩摩喳喳 - Featured in Group Recipies 28/11/2010

No question needed to be asked on how good the dessert was, as both of my young and old food critics asked for second bowl, this showed how good the dessert was! I must say the kumara in NZ tasted much sweeter and aromatic than that in Malaysia. It also has a smoother texture.


450g    Orange Sweet Potato
250g    Yellow Sweet Potato
500g  Yam (Taro)
175g sago pearls
Coconut Milk Base
2 liter water
400g coconut milk (1 can) or evaporated milk
Sugar to taste
2-3 stalks Pandan leaves

1) Soak sago in warm water separately, drain.
2) Peel and cut all potatoes and taro into chunks of desired shapes. Steam, separately, until cooked.
3) Bring a pot of water, add enough sugar to just sweeten the soup and bring water to boil to dissolve the sugar. Add in pandan leaves and stir occasionally. 

4) Reduce heat to medium heat and add in sago, coconut milk (evaporated milk), simmer about 10 minutes and keep stirring. 
5) Pour in all the ingredients stir evenly and simmer for another 5 minutes. The sago may still have some white uncooked starch in their center but the longer they are soaked in cooked bubur, the more translucent they will turn albeit slowly.
6) Removed pandan leaves and serve either hot or cold.

主材料︰175g 西谷米/西米露
650g番薯 (使糖水色彩缤纷,用红白黄甜薯)

2 公升清水
1罐椰漿 (400g) 或淡奶
糖 (依據自己的喜好調整甜度)
2-3 片班兰叶

锅内放入2 公升清水,加入糖及班兰叶,偶尔搅拌将水煮沸溶解糖。


  1. Hi Yin-I love your blog and all the exotic dishes. This dessert looks fantastic! :)

  2. Wow...looks wonderful. Lovely mix of flavors.

  3. Cake Duchess and Briarrose:
    Thanks for visiting and hope have you back.

  4. Yin, I love this kind of dessert...specially with all the different kind of roots. This is just perfect for this time of the year...yummie!

  5. very inventive, I have never seen anything like this! I am going to have to try my own variation of this!

  6. Vittle:
    Thanks for your visit. Yes, you can create your own variation by adding in banana, pineapple, jelly other than the roots used in this recipes.

    Yes, it is great to serve hot during winter and cold during summer :-P

  7. Thanks Yin :-) taste so good that we have to eat second bowl. Emmmm, so yum to go with your kaya bread too.

    So lucky to live nearby, hahaha!

  8. The best compliment is when someone asks for a 2nd helping.This looks delicious! I am so missing this right now.

  9. Cheng Ee:
    Yup, you are the lucky one, waiting to try your dish in return :-)

    Yes, you are right. Because of that, it fools you staying longer in kitchen to make more for them :-P

  10. i got to come back to this post to read in detail. i love the name! and forgot to tell you the pork roll photo is excellent. did you forget to share in foodbuzz. people need to vote and you may stand a chance for top 9.

  11. Kitchenmorph:
    Thanks for your reminder, just created loh bak recipes and share out. I'm still pretty new in foodbuzz still pretty long way to get a chance to get to top 9.

  12. where have you been? happy new year.



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