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Diet? Why not a piece of rye bread

Nowadays, to optimize health benefits, more and more health conscious people opt to eat bread made of wholemeal grain rather than plain flour bread.  Many believe, in fact is also proven, that bread made of wholemeal flour which contains higher fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than the refined and bleached white bread flour is healthier. Wholemeal promotes weight loss, as it takes longer for the body to absorb than it takes to absorb refined grains. 

I have posted wholemeal bread recipes, click to visit the post here Tangzhong wholemeal bread. To continue in trying out more nutritious multigrain breads, this time I combined wholemeal flour with – Rye flour. Research shows Rye flour is more nutritious than wheat. Rye flour helps to lower insulin response and improves blood glucose profile which reduces the risk of diabetes. It also reduces inflammation in people with metabolic syndrome. Rye bread with higher fibre content makes you feel fuller and satisfied longer than wheat. It also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Wanna have a bite?

For this recipe, I adapted the Tangzhou wholemeal recipe and replaced part of the wholemeal flour with rye flour. I found with the rye flour mixture, the texture of the bread was softer and lighter than wholemeal flour by itself.  
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WholeMEAL & Rye Bread  (Tangzhong) 



 Bread Dough :

200 g bread/high protein flour

75 g wholemeal flour

75 g rye flour

5 g instant yeast

55 g castor sugar

5 g salt


1 egg

125 g milk

120 g of the Tangzhong

30 g high protein flour

150 g water

30 g very soft butter


yptye's rye bread album on Photobucket

Pour flour into mixing bowl; add in the rest of ingredients A. However, avoid having the salt come in direct contact with the yeast which might dehydrate and kill the yeast. Add in ingredients B and use your hand or stand mixer equipped with a dough hook to mix all the ingredients,  knead in the mixer for 15 – 20 minutes  into soft dough then add in the butter (ingredient C) and continue to knead until smooth and elastic dough is formed.


Test by pulling the dough.  Dough with whole meal flour will be harder to reach the stage of a thin sheet. As long as the dough is stretchable and does not easily break off, the dough is ready for its first rise.

Cover the bowl and leave it to double in size.


Once the dough doubles in size (Finger test – Poke finger into center of the dough and depression does not rise up, dough is fully proven ) punch it a few times to deflate it (using hand knuckles)

Divide dough into 3 equal portions and shape them into balls. Cover and leave them to rest 15 minutes.


Shape each into an oval shape. Place them into a greased loaf pan, covered with greased plastic wrap and leave dough to proof for 2nd time.

Preheat oven 180°C and bake for 30 minutes. Instead of using egg wash, I spray the bread dough with water before I place the loaf pan into the center of the oven.


To avoid over burnt crust, after 15-20 minutes of baking, I use foil to lightly cover the bread and continue to bake until the required time.




高粉30克,水150 (汤种做法)



A:高粉200克,麦粉75克,黑麦75, 白砂糖50克,盐7克,干酵母10克,






將材料放入攪拌盆, 加入材料 A 把酵母和糖、鹽分開放。以免脫水。




但坚持搓下去,10分钟后,一旦面团没那么油腻,回迁台面揉面至光滑,富有弹性可扩展阶段的面团。把揉好的面团放入干净的容器中,跟着用保鲜膜盖好,作第一次发酵,至面团发大两倍。(手指测试 - 将手指戳下面团中心起不来,就证明面团充分发酵)





  1. This is a wonderful recipe, Yin! I use tangzhong method to make bread a lot, never try the wholemeal and rye flour. The bread looks soft and full of goodies!

    1. Veronica, yes once u use tangzhong method in making bread u won't want to use traditional way anymore coz the bread is softer than the old way.

  2. Hi Yin, I have tried this recipe and the bread turned out to be even softer than the earlier wholemeal toast bread. So nice. However, while hand kneading the dough it is too sticky that I need to add almost another 60g of bread flour. I do not have problem with your other wholemeal toast bread recipe and the Hokkaido bread. Should I reduce the amount of milk?
    Thank you so much for sharing! I started baking bread only upon reading your blog. I also tried your recipe of pork roll and satay meat ball (without satay sauce). They are good! Thank you again :-)

    1. Hi Alice:
      Really happy to know you enjoy the recipes I shared here.

      Yes, true that sometime Tangzhou bread can be a bit sticky if hand knead, you can use your feeling to adjust the measurement a bit to the right consistency that you deem ok to you. I sometime reduce 10-20ml milk.

    2. Thank you Yin! I will try it again in the next couple of days.

  3. Hi Yin, apologise for not updating. I tried to varies the milk by reducing 5ml every time I bake. Finally with 85 ml of milk seems perfect. Yes, I have baked at least 6 times of rye from Nov last year. In between I also baked your other types of bread. After learning how to bake, we find the commercial bread too salty. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Dear Alice:
      Nice to hear from you again. I am embarrassed to say that I have not able to do any new baking due to job commitment lately.
      However, seeing your positive comments, I need to resume this baking interest again. Thanks again for the updates.

  4. I am so glad that you are sharing, please do not say that you are embarrassed. We are busy with work, family and children. But you still take the time to update your blog and share. I learned many stuff from your blog. Thank you again.

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