Sunday, October 27, 2013

Homemade Golden Syrup

Lately, I had to admit that I was a bit lax in blogging again. I used to update my blog during weekends. However since I signed up to participate in the Penang Bridge International Marathon on November 17th, weekends were never the same any more. With a full time job, weekend was the only time for long distance running training. After the long run training, what’s left in my mind was only to get my body lying down on the cosy sofa and turned myself into a couch potato doing nothing for the rest of the day .

This post was supposed to be published last month coinciding with the mid autumn festival theme but I was too worn out to blog it until now. Following the series of moon cake recipes covering from the basics of making moon cake dough to moon cake fillings like Yam/taro, Red bean and Mung Bean,  now is time to learn to make another key ingredient – the Golden syrup.

Instead of buying ready-made golden syrup, I opted to make my own with recipe adapted from Agnes Chang’s moon cake series. This completes the recipe for making 100% homemade moon cake. I started making this syrup 2 weeks before mid- autumn festival. However, it is even better if you can start making the syrup a few months ahead as the syrup can easily last a year or more.

This golden syrup is good for use in any baking or cooking that calls for golden syrup in place of the commercial ones.

Initially, I did not have a good start in the syrup making. I was not attentive enough during the cooking stage and got the syrup overcooked. On top of that, I was fooled by the consistency of the syrup when it was still hot. The syrup looked runny but when it cooled down, it became really sticky and as hard as caramel candy!

Nevertheless, after some online research, I cross referred to Christine Golden Syrup recipe to save the failed syrup which I thought was a waste. Following her advice, I added more water and lemon juice and re-boiled the syrup again to eventually get the right fluid consistency for the golden syrup.   

The moon cakes that I made using my homemade golden syrup.
The moon cakes which I couriered back to my dad.P1110740

HOME MADE GOLDEN SYRUP P1110567 Ingredients: 1kg sugar 3 cups water 4 slices of ½ cm thick lemon pieces with seeds Method: 1. Pour all ingredients into a small pot. Not to use too big pot else water easily evaporated and syrup gets too thick. 2. Stir to mix well, once mixture start to boil, reduce heat to low. 3. Simmer further for at least 45 minutes or until the mixture turn golden colour 4. Take out the slices of lemon,  do not waste you can make into tasty lemon drinks. 5. Pour the golden syrup into container and keep at least 2 weeks before use for making moon cake. goldensyrup_collage     Tips:
    1. You can also test the syrup consistency by placing a drop of syrup between your thumb and index finger. A thin thread can be formed when separate your fingers.
    1. P1110569
    2. The use of lemon is to use the sourness (acidity) of the lemon to prevent syrup gets crystallize when cooling down.
    3. The lemon seeds are good elements of natural preservative for the syrup.
    4. The reason to store the syrup for at least 2 weeks before use is to soften the syrup. If syrup uses right away to make moon cake skin, the moon cake will have harder skin texture.
    5. If you find the syrup too thick once cooled like what I had experienced, do not panic just add more water and boil to the right consistency that you preferred.


白砂糖1000克,3杯水, 4片半厘米厚的柠檬片
  1. 砂糖加水搅拌,加入柠檬煮开以后,转小火,继续煮45分钟至上色,浓稠度比蜂蜜稀一点即可关火。
  2. 测试糖浆- 洒几滴到一小碗冷水。如果糖浆分散在水和触摸时感觉像糖浆,糖浆已准备就绪。
  3. 但是糖浆如果没有分散,并在水中的球形状,糖浆太稠,加一点点水煮沸,再测试
  4. 取出的柠檬片不要浪费,可以添加一些水,制作成柠檬饮料.
  5. 熄火待凉,
  6. 糖浆倒入玻璃密封罐即可放置2个星期以后方可使用制作月饼.
还可以用手指测试浆糖浆稠度. 一滴糖浆在你的拇指和食指之间, 用手指分开,可以形成


放置时间越长,使用的效果会越好。 如果糖浆熬过火冷却时太稠, 像我经历,不要惊慌,只需添加水合适的的稠度.


  1. Yin, is the golden syrup like simple syrup use in mixing drinks? I love mooncakes but fail in getting crust right too dry. I do like to make own cream cheese use it for cheese cake and dips and put it into pestos. I like spinach pesto for it easy and add some basil to it. I do not use pinenuts but unroasted peanuts for it cost less and nuts do not add much taste to pesto anyway. Just to thicken it only.

    Vickie Chen

    1. Hi Vickie,
      No, this syrup not like the one we use for drinks, this is those type you use for eating with pancake or baking use.
      You can check out my moon cake recipe and try it next year.
      I love to try to make cream cheese, yet to try it. I know can make from yogurt. I always make own yogurt so may try one day.
      Nice to have you here. Thanks.



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