Monday, March 21, 2011

Dino Banana Chocolate Chips muffins

Wanna share muffins with T-Rex?

Ming Ray's school PTA organized a fund raising garage sale last Saturday 19/03/2011 and every student was requested to bring in a box of bakery for sale. In addition, each student was also asked to decorate the cake box. There would be a prize for the best decorated cake box. Ming Ray was very excited with this project when he took back the box. At home, other than playing his Lego, his favourite past time was craft works. With the box, he had been pestering me to work with him. Finally, we started to work on this little project Thursday afternoon after school.

With his usual fanatic love for dinosaurs, Ming Ray wanted his cake box to be decorated with dinosaur features. He suggested drawing and painting the four sides of the box with dinosaur eras in chronological order from Triassic, Jurassic to Cretaceous periods with volcano eruptions. Instead of working from scratch, I stumbled upon an idea to recycle dinosaur features from his old dinosaurs diorama which he made the year before.
Ray's Dinosaur Diorama - made in 2010
I asked him to use pencil to draw out his ideas around the box and assisted him in mixing up water colours for him to paint. As for the main top of the box, he wanted to paint four striking colour of red, blue, yellow and green stripes. I then suggested another idea to recycle old pipe cleaners to make some words and stick on the top of the box.

So, here is my lovely boy's master piece:

Ray's cake box
4 sides of the cake box designed with dinosaurs era
What had mommy baked to fill up the box? The words on the box say it all J

T-Rex: I wanna a piece too!
Yes, I had baked Ming Ray's favourite banana chocolate chips muffins.

Looking for this simple and easy recipe? It's from an old recipe I shared previously, click here.


  1. That's so cute! He did a great job with the dinosaur box. How did the bake sale go? I bet these sold quickly!

  2. Wonderful job, Yin! Everything looks great :)

  3. lovely muffins, surely tasted fantastic esp with bananas inside.

  4. What a great mother and son team! I wish schools here conduct such activities. They're so good for bonding and learning.

  5. Roxan:
    Thanks. We were too busy that Saturday morning, we didn't make it for the garage sale. I bet it did went well.

  6. Shirley, Nava:
    Thanks, mommy had tried her best to bake nice muffins.

    Yes, I agreed with you that Asian schools lack of these activities which promote parents, schools and students to work together.

  7. I love Ray's cake box, he is talented! like mother like son!!

  8. So cool! Too bad, parents here are too busy to join the kids in all kinds of activities. Thanks for sharing.



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