Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wanton Tofu Vegetables Soup 云吞豆腐塔菜汤

Back home we seldom appreciate hot soup, we tend to wait for it to get cold to drink it, but once we are here, nothing warms the chill of a cold winter's night as a hearty bowl of hot soup! Sipping a bowl of steaming hot soup is real treat on a cold weather like what we have now.

However, to have a nice soup you need to simmer at least 2-3 hours; it is not convenient to do that on daily basis. So, to have an easy way out, I used to cook a big pot of pork bone and chicken frames stock and then divide the stock into small packets and freezer them. I used one packet for one meal, I just need to heat it up and add in vegetables, dumpling, tofu or fish balls and viola a bowl of hot soup is ready within 10 min for dinner!

I like to add dumpling or wanton in my instant soup. Nowadays, making wanton or dumpling is much easy and simple. Off-the-shelf wanton wrappers are easily available, one just needs to add in mince or veggie filling and wrap them up. But, some of you might say, wrapping wanton/dumpling need skills too! I said not at all, see the photo below, nice?
There is a secret in it, the secret is….ok, I'll let you figure out yourself if you still can't leave me a comment I will review how:-P

Below is my version of 10 minutes (exclude the making of wanton) soup, you can throw in whatever veggie, seafood and meat that you can find from your fridge as you like, just be creative and dare to explore you will surprise to discover new flavor out from ordinary dish!

Wanton Tofu Vegetables Soup

4 bowls of Chicken/pork bones stock
Salt to your taste
Pinch of Chicken stock powder (Optional)
Vegetables -Cabbages/Choy Sam/Bak Choy/celery. I used Tat Soi
Fish balls/Meat balls
1 piece Tofu
Wanton filling:
Pork/Chicken mince
Prawn (optional)
Soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper, corn flour
Readymade Wanton skin
Wanton making:
Season pork/chicken minces with soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper and corn flour.
Chopped Bak Choy/parsley/spring onions finely and add into mince.
Put the filling in the center of the wanton skin and wrap.
For better flavor can add prawn to wanton filling.
You can prepare this in advance and keep in seal container and keep in fridge,can last at least 2 days.

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add in wontons, let the wontons boil for few minutes or until they rise to the top and the filling is cooked through. Remove from the pot.
Bring the stock to a boil in another pot. Add fish balls, tofu, and wontons and bring the soup back to a boil. Add the veggie, simmer for 1 minute remove the pot from the heat, and add in seasoning (salt/pepper) and one table spoon of garlic oil/sesame oil. 
If non green veggie is being used, such as Bak Choy (Chinese cabbages) do simmer a bit longer else not advisable to simmer as green veggie tend to get yellowish once over cooked. 


盐, 少许鸡粉

猪肉/鸡肉碎/ 虾



3. 加入调味料(盐/胡椒)和一汤匙蒜头油/麻油。


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