Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet Loaf 甜面包

Bread Story Part 1 – Sweet Loaf
My bread making journey was not so smooth, I experienced 4 failed attempts before I finally made my first loaf.

I started off my bread making with no knead bread which I got the idea from YouTube. From the video clip, it seemed so easy by merely mixing dough and let it rest overnight and throw into oven to bake. But the truth was not that simple after all. I ended up with ugly looking bread.

Later, I decided to tryout bread recipes from one of my cook books - Baking made easy by Agnes Chang. Even with clear instructions, it still took me 3 tryouts before I finally landed with bread looking loaf.
After so many failures, I concluded that there are 3 main factors one must take note to ensure a successful bread making:
First and foremost, dough needs warm temperature to proof; best conducive temperature is around 25--30 degree Celsius. I made by first loaf in winter times and the temperature at that time was below 20 degree; hence my dough was not proof enough to rise to double even I had set aside over 18 hours! L

So, rule number one in bread making is to proof your dough at warm place, place over warm stove, oven or even boiler room. However, if you stay in tropical zone, you shouldn't have this issue at all! J

Secondly, dough needs to be well kneaded till smooth texture where dough can stretch into thin sheet without tearing. My second attempts failed with reason that I did not knead the dough enough to gluten. I do not have bread dough mixer so I hand knead all my bread. If hand kneading, dough needs to be knead for at least 15 minutes. Use finger testing on dough. Press finger on dough, if depression bounce back into shape, the dough is ready to set aside to proof.
Frankly, I must admit, to have 100% hand knead bread, you need strong arms. If any of you wish to tone up your arm muscles, this is a very effective way. Best part is, you pay no fees to join fitness club and after this workout you get rewarded with a nice homemade loaf! :-P

Lastly, watch out for the second proofing time, do not over proof the dough; it will collapse during baking if over proofed.

After reading this article, I bet your bread making stories will be much smoother than mine because I have shared the main tips with you and below is fool proof recipe that I had tried on. Happy trying!

First successful loaf

Sweet Loaf


500g bread flour or high protein flour
2 tsp instant yeast (I used Edmond Sure Bake yeast)
100g castor sugar
1tsp salt
270ml water
50g soften butter

  1. Place all ingredients bread flour, yeast, sugar, salt into a mixing bowl and mixed well.
  2. Slowly pour in water.
  3. Use slow speed to knead the dough till gluten is formed (can pull into very thin sheet without tearing). If hand kneading, knead at least 15 minutes until the dough is smooth.
  4. Add in butter and knead till well combined.
  5. Remove dough from mixing bowl, shape into a smooth ball and put into a greased bowl.
  6. Cover with wet cloth.
  7. Leave aside to prove till double in bulk. (Place in warm place to speed up the proving process)
  8. To test the dough ready or not - press dough with finger, the depression should stay. Refer here
  9. Punch down and knead again till smooth.
  10. Leave aside to rest for 15 minutes.
  11. Shape the dough into bun or loaf shape place in greased loaf pan or baking tray and let it double in bulk for the second time.
  12. Bake at 200 degree Celsius for 15-20 minutes till golden brown.
  13. Remove and brush with melted butter.

This dough can use to make Sausage Roll,Red bean/Custard Bun and Garlic Butter Bun

100克细砂糖, 1茶匙盐, 270ml水

将所有材料面粉,酵母,糖和盐放入碗中搅拌均匀, 慢慢地倒入水。


  1. I think bread making and pie crusts are an art form and not for everyone. Thank you for your bread making tips, I am sure they will come in handy.

  2. Medifast Coupons, thanks for dropping by.
    Yes, in fact, I think cooking by itself is another form of art, from cooking to presentation right?

  3. Congrats on a successful batch. Bread is like art and chemistry combined - a constant work in progress and experimentation. Your loaf looks perfect!

  4. Thanks Merut, agreed on the theory of constant work in progress, still trying to work on consistency and quality improvement :-P

  5. Thanks Yin, we finished it on the same night I got it from you, so good to go with your kaya.

    By the way, I want the recipe for the bread you gave this morning, very nice. I want to make one. By the way, we love it so much. The texture is perfect, they are just like the one selling at the shops.

  6. Thanks Cheng Ee, you are always my number supporter.
    I will post the new bread recipes soon, be patient and keep checking in more often :-)

  7. hi Yin, I wonder can i use bread machine for this bread recipe? Thank you!

    1. Hi RWLK:
      I have not use bread machine before so I can't comment on it.

      However, I did get remarks from friends who use bread machine highlighting that using bread machine to knead and proof but using oven to bake will have better result.

      I suppose you can try and share your tryout with us, love to hear it!

      Thanks for dropping by, good luck in your bread making journey.

  8. I have not made Bread for a long long time. Maybe more than 17 yrs.
    On seeing my friend posting on FB it lifted my spirit to give it a try.
    Some how it didn't work out.
    The dough didn't even ferment. Could be the instant yeast.
    On the wrapper expire date June 2020.
    I must try again !!!



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